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NCAA Second Round Match Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Dec. 6, 2002

Final Stats

Arizona Volleyball Arizona vs. Texas December 6, 2002

Texas Head Coach Jerritt Elliot:

"We were passing very well. Our goal was to have the game be a serve and pass game. We did a very good job through the first three games and as a result we played great defense."

"Our defense broke down in the last game, but we had a lot of plays we should have made and should have came close to making and as a result Arizona was able to capitalize."

"We are a very young team. The experience of staying calm and the anxiety is a big factor of staying in the system. I thought we got a little anxious after being two games up. We had a pretty good opportunity in the match and patience and concentration become a factor."


"We missed a lot of defense of plays and a lot of opportunities as a result. We had a couple of system breaks and Arizona executed well and our passing broke down."

"We put ourselves in a position where our defense didn't execute the way it shoutd."

Texas Player Quotes:

Sophomore Bethany Howden:

"I felt like we had confidence going into the game, we got rattled and we didn't make the plays when we needed to. We fell behind and it was really hard to catch back up."

Sophomore Kathy Hahn:

"I think we gave Arizona opportunities to get us back on our heels and we expected them to quit instead of finishing the game. Arizona is a very good team, and we couldn't afford to do that."

Head Coach Dave Rubio:

"We are very excited about winning a very hard fought match. Texas played a great match. They did a nice job tactically against us, but it is nice to move on to the round of 16. We are very excited about that."

Arizona Player Quotes:

Senior Lisa Rutledge:

"We went all out at the end, we had nothing to lose. It is my senior year and you want to play great the whole way and when you don't it is tough. I finally got out of that mentality and I just started to play how I know how."

Freshman Kim Glass:

"I told myself we had to go out there like it was all or nothing. The last game was all or nothing and we had to go out and have fun, because if we were going to go out, I was going to go out with a bang."

"My teammates really helped me pick myself up. Texas targeted me, but I'm just used to that. I think I was just frustrated with myself. I had a few errors and it got to me and I was battling with my confidence."

Freshman Bre Ladd:

"We have had to battle out like that many times this season. Each one of those battles are just a learning process. That fifth game, we were saying this is all or nothing and we had to go out and have fun, because we don't play well when we don't have fun."

"Texas played great defense. They scouted us really well. I don't think they were giving us problems, I think we were giving ourselves the problems."