Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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May 23, 2003

General comment:

"We knew it was going to be a heavyweight fight. Washington, we knew, had been swinging the bat very well and I really believed that it was up to Alicia Hollowell to quiet the middle of their lineup. She did a great job today and I think that is huge. My hat goes off to this team. I have been amazed all year of the many different ways they have found to win. The key to a great ball club is to have speed on your team because you can't always rely on the bats. But when you have some speed, little things can happen like they did at the end of this game. We got past a very good team and my hat goes off to Washington."


On being one game away from the WCWS championship game:
"I'll probably sleep better than I did last night. One game away is just one game away. We play one game at a time, one pitch at a time. Nothing is in our favor except that we won today. There is a fine line between winning the big games and losing the big games. I hurt for coaches that lose the big games here. It is so difficult when we get two good teams together because anything can happen. Sometimes you get a break and that is the key right now. You have to get a little lucky and the more opportunities you can create with runners in scoring position the more chances you have of being a little lucky in this game."

On the close game:

"I have total confidence in my offense, they know they can get the job done as well as I do. It was just a matter of time until we scored. I am nervous before every game but I wasn't as nervous today as I was yesterday."

On her start in the game:
"I felt pretty good early on and they were taking hacks. In a way, it was very surprising because they are a very good offensive team. I do feel like I came out a little stronger than I do normally."

On being one game away from championship game:

"We are really close and we earned a day off tomorrow. I think we deserved it and needed the day off as a team. Our team has a lot of different offensive heroes and it is a different version every day."

On being the last batter to face Tia Bollinger:
"Tia did a great job today. She was locating her pitches very well, inside and outside and she also changed speeds. That is what pitchers are supposed to do, is come out and break up a batter's rhythm."

On her speed:

"I knew that (the third baseman) knew of my speed and that played a factor. Any hit you get, you have to ride it out. Everyone has their own speed and that is pretty much it."

General comment:

"Another exciting game for the fans. Usually when you get to this point in the season, the one thing you don't want to do is beat yourself and that's what we did. It was a hard-fought game by both sides."

On the error that allowed Arizona to score the winning run:
"I think she just tried to feed it to first base instead of just raring back and throwing. You have to make plays, automatic. They have to become muscle-memory over the course of the year. Practice leads to how you play. Anytime you to feed the ball a little bit, it can run on you. That's pretty much what happened there. You couldn't ask for a better play - a groundball to third base. It should have been automatic."

On Arizona pitcher Alicia Hollowell:

"We weren't looking for our pitch. If we would have hit a little better it would have made a difference."

On her game-tying home run:
"I was looking for my pitch and I assumed that they would try to go inside on me. That's what they did earlier in the year."