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Suzanne's Blog
Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
Release: 02/26/2008
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Suzanne Alvey
Hello GymCat fans! I am very excited about our next meet, this Friday night at 7:30 in the McKale Center. We are battling the Washington Huskies, CATS RULE AND DOGS DROOL!


We have had a very rewarding past few meets where our hard work and determination is shining through. ?Perseverance pays, my friends!??You do the work, and you will be rewarded for it --- which is exactly what is happening on our team of fighters!?


This upcoming meet will be extra special because we will have the much appreciated support from our Classroom Cats! Our theme for this meet is; ˇ?Itˇ?s cool to be in schoolˇ± and we will be honoring the hard work of our teachers and the wonderful support from our Classroom Cats. So come on out and enjoy the festivities, the worst that could happen is you will learn something!?


Suzanneˇ?s Top Ten Reasons to Stay in School:


10. ?? ?If you donˇ?t stay in school then you canˇ?t read our cool blogs!

9.? It is a good way to make friends.

8. There is nothing good on TV in the middle of the afternoon anyway.

7. You get to play on the swings at recess.

6. Arithmetic helps you figure out how many cool pairs of shoes you can buy.

5.? You can show off your athleticism in P.E.

4.? You get to auction off your lunch for something more desirable.

3. ?You can learn how to play an instrument.

2.? There is a class party for EVERY holiday!

1. Best of all, with a good education you can be anyone you want to be: a teacher, a coach, a lawyer, a rock star, even a dolphin trainer!


Now I am going to leave you with the same words of wisdom my mom made me recite every morning before leaving school; ˇ?No scholastics, No gymnastics!ˇ± So come out on Friday and support your local GymCats, and if you are one of the first 500 in attendance you will get a free GymCats ruler!


Hope to see you there!


Suzanne Alvey

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