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Arizona Women's Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 6 - Murano
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 19, 2007
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By: Hillary Beck

Video Coordinator


Today was our version of the a la carte day, meaning there were options and everyone in our group could pick what they chose to do for their remaining day in the Venice/Jesolo area. 


The option taken by the majority of the group included a trip to Murano, which is basically a separate island of Venice where handmade, world-renowned glass is blown and sculpted into amazing works of art. We had the opportunity to take a tour through one of the glass blowing factories in Murano to see these people actually at work.  It was amazing and unlike anything we’d ever seen before.  The men that were doing the glass blowing were all working together on one chandelier that the tour guide showed us a picture of.  They would pull these iron bars out of the glowing red-hot ovens with bright balls of melted gooey glass at the end of them as they walked back to their work stations to mold it into the next piece of the chandelier.  One man was making replicas of the same bulb type pieces over and over.  He would blow these pieces to perfection in a matter of about 2 minutes and crank out another before we could even figure out what was really going on.  It was unreal.  They were definitely masters of their trade.


From the glass factory we walked around the “streets” of Murano for a while and took in some lunch at local cafes alongside the canals and the shops.  Murano was very colorful in comparison to Venice.  It was decorated everywhere with the glass figures and definitely was not nearly as commercial as Venice, so it was a nice change of pace for a few hours.  Still though, some of us needed to head back to Venice to make sure there wasn’t any stone we may have left unturned, so we went to catch our water taxi. It was just about then that the day got interesting.


We had missed the prior taxi, so we were told to meet back in 20 minutes for the next taxi.  Well, most of us didn’t wander off too far.  When the taxi arrived about seven and a half minutes later, those of us who were still within shouting distance were totally safe, but there were a few stragglers who had decided that those 20 minutes to spare would be a great time to go grab some ice cream for the boat ride back.  Coach Bonvicini was the one missing and when she realized that the taxi was leaving without her, none of us had ever seen her move so fast.  I mean, she could move!  Forget the fact that she was holding a fudgecicle in hand and not willing to put it down, she was going to get on that taxi.  Well that didn’t happen.  Coach B missed the taxi and would wait another seven and a half minutes for the next one.  It was definitely one of the funnier moments of the trip so far.


The group dispersed onto their separate ways from that point in the day.  Some shopped until they dropped in Venice while others hit the beach back in Jesolo.  At the end of the day we all met up and gathered for an amazing family style dinner just down the street from our hotel in Jesolo.  We changed it up and skipped the pasta course tonight because some were getting a bit worn out on pasta.  Steak, fish, potatoes, zucchini, salad, fruit, bread, and even some tiramisu for desert made for a fabulous end to another amazing day in Italy. 


Until the next time, Ciao!

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