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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 3/6/2010
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 06, 2010
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March 6, 2010

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Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

"For the fans, they've really seen a lot this season, and about twenty of our thirty games have been just like this. Some times it went well, sometimes it didn't, but the fans were always with us. I really give the team a lot of credit for this win. It really represented our season as a whole. Sometimes it didn't look like it was going to go our way, and other times we looked good. We have a lot of individuals step up and make good plays."

On No. 21 Kyle Fogg and the last three free throws of regulation

"Kyle made those last three free throws under a tremendous amount of pressure. Had he missed any of them it would have been game over. To see him make all those shots really was a testament to his confidence and concentration."

On No. 13 Nic Wise

"Nic had a very good game today. Sure, he had some uncharacteristic misses at the free throw line, but he came through, and had, I think it was, his third game winning shot. He finished his last game at McKale on a great Saturday, and I'm very happy for him."

"I give a lot of credit to USC. They played hard, and are a great defensive force. They had a very tough season, on and off the court, but they came ready to play today. It says a lot about our team that we were able to score so many points against a team as strong on defense as they are. We've won three in a row, and the Pac-10 tournament is right around the corner. We'll see how it goes."

"Fundamentally we didn't change much for this game about our playing style. What I think is that we are just getting more and more comfortable and familiar with each other that we are less one-dimensional than we used to be. Derrick (Williams) and Nic are really the heart and soul of our offense. But they're not alone, and that's most important. There are a lot of players stepping up and helping out, like Alex (Jacobson). When he came in he really changed the momentum of the game. He kept quite a few balls alive on offense, was a big presence on the inside, and picked up some key defensive rebounds. His presence was very important for our win."

On the difference on defense in the first and second halves

"For whatever reason, we are a team that learns slowly. We wanted to play a pack-oriented man-to-man, but in the first half we were a lot more spread out than I thought we would be. It was a surprise, but after halftime we adjusted and got more physical. Just like the game against UCLA, we were a lot better on defense in the second half than in the first."

"Going into the tournament, we really just want to take it one game at a time. Twice at Xavier we won four games in two days, and we didn't take some magic potion, we just played hard. We had a lot of effort, and teams that show 40 minutes of it will go far. We have some good momentum right now, with three wins in a row, and I want to take advantage of that going into next week."

Arizona Player Quotes

Nic Wise

On the victory:

"We had so many chances to win it early, but I guess that, in some light, shows that everything happens for a reason."

On the embrace with Lamont Jones after the game:

"I was telling him that it's his turn now handing over the keys. He's the point guard here, and he was telling me he loves me for everything I did for him. We just have a great relationship."

On his senior farewell:

"I just felt a lot of love. The guys were telling me not to cry before the game, but I did a good job holding it in. I was talking to coach and he told me that he doesn't think another player in the history of college basketball has been through what I have been through over these last four years. It's been tough at times, but I just love these fans so much."

On the many comebacks of late:

"The fight in us, the never quit attitude. We have a lot of games where we've had to come back a lot through the season."

On contact with Kevin O'Neill

"No, I didn't see him after the game. He didn't shake my hand afterwards, but I still got a lot of love for K.O. (Kevin O'Neill).

On his mindset before his game winning shot:

"The second time, I didn't want to settle for a jumper in the first overtime. I wanted to take it to the rim. Yes, I made mistakes during the game, dribbled off my foot, missed free throws. I don't know if I've missed three free throws in a game all year. That just shows that everything happens for a reason."

Kyle Fogg

On the nerves he felt before the game tying free throws:

"I wish I could tell you I have ice water in my veins, but I was shaking. I was really nervous especially Nic's last game, but when the three free throws dropped it was a great feeling."

Jamelle Horne

On the season "ending":

"You guys keep saying Nic's going out, but for me this is where the season starts. It's been a great run with him."

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