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Football Friday with Bennett and Sanders
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 26, 2012
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Oct. 26, 2012

By Mike Chaput

What's been the most memorable moment of the season so far?

Jarrell Bennett: "For me, my most memorable part was upsetting Oklahoma State. It was a big win for our program."

Yamen Sanders: "The whole experience. Being part of the team. Becoming a Division I football player has been really memorable."

What's it like running the 3-3-5 defense?

Yamen Sanders: "It's a different defense for me but it also seems perfect for me. It's a fast defense, I like it a lot."

What is your favorite tradition at Arizona so far?

Jarrell Bennett: "When we come out, we have our hands on our teammates and have our brothers' backs."

Yamen Sanders: "Playing with a Hard Edge. Work hard and come out here and give it all you got. Don't leave anything out on the field."

Why did you come to Arizona?

Jarrell Bennett: "The coaching staff. I played in the same system in high school so it wasn't a big jump."

Yamen Sanders: "Arizona felt ideal for me. The new coaching staff, the new facility and my major here is one of the top programs in the country. And it's close to home."

What kind of academic support does Arizona Athletics offer to help make the balance between school and football easier?

Jarrell Bennett: "They offer us tutors and give us lots of study hall hours. It helps a lot."

Yamen Sanders: "They help with class scheduling. If you need extra help, they give you tutoring. But nothing is given. It's all about hard work in the class room that will make your life easier."

What excites you most about the new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility?

Yamen Sanders: "More resources, a better facility, a better weight room and more efficient use for our program."

What are your thoughts on getting ready to play USC?

Jarrell Bennett: "We have to come out, play hard, and execute on Saturday."

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