Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
20070328 Gymcats Corner Blogs: Erica's Blog
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 28, 2007
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Hey GymCat Fans!!


?I hope that all of you are getting psyched for Pac-10s this weekend, because I know this team cannot wait!? There should be some great gymnastics going on up in Tempe, and weˇ?re ready to show the Pac-10 what we are made of!? Each of the seven teams will bring all theyˇ?ve got to the floor, so itˇ?s going to be a close one!?


As for the GymCats, this week we are preparing for Saturday in and out of the gym.? Each skill is completed and routines performed with the idea of ˇ?quality not quantityˇ± in mind at practice, while maintaining the health of everyoneˇ?s bodies.? By just watching practice, anyone can see in our eyes that we are ready for this weekend!? The competition will be fierce, but I know that we will be fighting until the very end.? Watch out for the GymCats, because itˇ?s finally time to bring home the Pac-10 Conference title ˇ? along with those beautiful rings!? I would also look for Aubrey, for she might be making an appearance in the bar lineup once again to finish out her senior year on top! (of the podium that is).


We will be leaving for our Arizona rivalˇ?s home floor on Friday just in time for some practice out on their equipment.? The bus ride is short, but still leaves time for an inspirational movie and the continuous fun times with the team. Wish us luck!! : ) Bear Down! Woo Woo!!






P.S. If you canˇ?t make it to Tempe for Pac-10s, donˇ?t worry because we are hosting Regionals in McKale Center in two weeks on April 14th. We get a much deserved weekend off from competition, since itˇ?s the first from the beginning of January.? Everyone should come out and support your favorite team, the GymCats! You are guaranteed to see amazing gymnastics at this event, and itˇ?s the last time you can see us in action this year.? So come cheer us on! We can always use another smiling face in the crowd!

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