Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 27, 2005
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Arizona Women’s Basketball

Jan. 26, 2005

Arizona vs. Arizona State

Post-Game Quotes


Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini: “I’m really proud of the team. ASU is very good and we are both really physical teams.”


“In the first half, we had a lot of turnovers. We rushed the offense too much. We knew we had to make adjustments on the defense and rebounding and when we started rebounding, that’s when the game changed around for us.”


“I felt a lot in the first half was rushing and not taking good shots.”


“Danielle Adefeso made some great shots and played well along with Jessica (Arnold). She is a great player.”


“The fans were like an extra player on the court. They were loud and proud of our team and I can’t ask for more than that.”


“This victory was a sweet one. It is one to build on. ASU has a very good team because of senior leadership, but we are deep with the freshmen.”


“Polkey played well. She gets hit more than you will ever know without a call being made and she gets exhausted, but she plays well.”


“I really appreciate the support. We have a good team and with each win we gain confidence. I want to build on this because the women deserve to be supported. We just want to represent the U of A and Tucson well.”



Junior center Shawntinice Polk: “The biggest thing was our defense in the second half. We came in at halftime and talked about how we had to step up our defense. When we are playing good, it is because of our defense. We were playing good in the second half.”


“This is really big. It’s a confidence-builder. They never let down and we fought back. They are a good defensive team so we knew we would have to play good defense, too.”


“They fronted, doubled and tripled me. They even had four and five people on me. It doesn’t matter. I’m used to it and it just makes our team better. I’m glad they do it because it helps everyone else out.”



Senior guard Dee-Dee Wheeler: “ASU likes to play tough defense. We wanted to play the same way. We played hard and pressured them. We just got out in the passing lanes and played aggressively.”


“We know if we can play good defense we can get into transition and that gets us into a good flow.”


“We stepped back into a 3-2 zone in the first half. We knew they would adjust to that so we adjusted and came out in an aggressive man-to-man defense. They adjusted to that and we went back to the 3-2 zone. We just kept them off balance.”


“I still want to score, but I love to get my teammates involved. I just want to get them ready for next year when I won’t be here.”


“Polkey (Shawntinice Polk) just said this game was about us. We didn’t need to worry about scouting reports or the other team; we just needed to play our game. We came out hard and played Arizona basketball.”


“There are two teams at Arizona (the men’s and women’s) and we need all the support we can get. We got at least 4,000 (fans), now we should have a goal of 5,000.”



Freshman Guard Jessica Arnold: “It was an awesome game. They got up early and we fought back playing tough defense.”


“Polkey takes a lot of pressure off everyone and we just made the shots when we needed to.”


“It [injured left shoulder] gets hit every once in a while. I know it’s going to happen, so I just play. I’ll be fine.”



Head Coach Charli Turner Thorne: “I don’t think our defense was terrible in the second half. We just came out not very aggressive. That has been a reoccurring theme for us lately. We need to go after people.  If they get up on you, you need to spread out on the floor and get some good passes in.”


“Arizona stepped it up in the second half. We didn’t respond well. We got away from our game plan. We were taking quicker shots. We just needed to take the time to make the extra pass. It was a very long drought for us to begin the second half.”


“We easily could have let the game get away from us. I have to give my team credit for staying with some things. To play that poorly and have a chance to win is a really good thing for us. I have to stay positive for my team, but I definitely give credit to Arizona. We are two very evenly-matched teams. Arizona just played better tonight and won.”



Senior guard Kylan Loney: “Tonight was a tough loss for us. It’s a big rivalry that we have between us, and we have a lot of fan support all over the state. It’s disappointing that we lost tonight.”



Sophomore forward Emily Westerberg: “Arizona is a tough team, but I know that we can beat them.”


“We had way too many turnovers in this game. The fact that we had 17 turnovers in the first half really hurt our chances at winning this game. Just that we had a small chance to win the game at the end was amazing.”

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