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Kristina Baum's Player Diary from Arizona Volleyball's Road Trip to UCLA and USC
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 26, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior opposite Kristina Baum kept a player diary during Arizona volleyball’s road trip to UCLA and USC


Arizona volleyball on the way to L.A.


Wow... I just found out I was named not only Pac-10 Player of the Week, but also National Player of the Week. I feel kinda special. Hee hee (girly giggle). I appreciate the accolades and recognition, but this is just the beginning. This is all good news now, but we have work to do and we won’t stop till we are in San Antonio.





We just finished practice. I’m eating and thinking about tonight’s game against UCLA. It’s going to be a good one. I feel like everyone is out to get us since we moved up in the rankings and we had some wins last weekend. I think that’s a good thing. It only makes us a better team, playing at a higher level. Nap time.



Our last three matches have been pretty ugly. We haven’t been very consistent with our passing. We’ve been passing just well enough to get it done. By the way, we won tonight in four. We started out the game with no energy, which led to other parts of our game not being very good. We proceeded to handle them after that. If we are saving all of our energy for tomorrow night against USC, we need to step it up big time. We haven’t beat USC in the last few years. That needs to change.




Since we are staying in Marina del Rey, our hotel is right by the ocean. Usually, we have practice for an hour the morning of game day to go over our scouting report. Today we didn’t. Since we did not have access to a gym, Dave [Coach Rubio] decided to take us all to the beach and walk through our scouting report on the sand courts. At first, I thought he just wanted us to get up and walk around. Then, he told Steve [Coach Walker] and our volunteer assistant coach Dave Thistle to start drawing the court lines in the sand. D-Ru was serious. This is how our morning practice went.



I really have nothing to say. I’m so pissed. We lost in four. This was inevitable. Our last three wins haven’t been solid wins. We have not been playing the way we should be playing. Yeah, we have gotten better, but we don’t show it by having streaks of good volleyball followed by bad volleyball. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. We are lacking consistency. Tonight we played poorly enough to lose. We sucked. Period. We handed USC the match on a silver platter and also asked if they wanted a fork, knife and spoon. We have work to do. We also need to learn from our loss and move on. This is the big league. There is no dwelling on past losses or teams will eat you up.


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