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Krisinta Baum's Player Diary From Arizona Volleyball's First and Second Round NCAA Tourney Matches
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 07, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior opposite Kristina Baum kept a player diary during Arizona volleyball's first and second round NCAA Tournament matches in Utah.



It’s December! Yeeyah! Weee! I love, love, LOVE Christmas time! This is my favorite time of year, because I get to spend time with my family and friends, be jolly, and eat a lot. Right now, I am on the plane. I should specify. I am at the back of the plane, in the last row, last seat. I will be the last person off the plane. Hey, but like the saying goes, “You always save the best for last.” And, that would be me. As I sit back here, the destination of this tiny aircraft is Salt Lake City, Utah, where the weather is cold. When I say cold, I mean snow cold. This past week, I had to go shopping for gloves, sweaters and a scarf that will hopefully protect me from the winter weather. Unless you consider the marine layer fog and sixty degrees really cold, we, So-Cal natives, don’t see much really cold weather. So, I figured I had to trade in my Rainbow sandals, t-shirt and jeans for some close-toed shoes, wool sweaters, and long johns, if only for the weekend.


This past week, I have been freakishly excited and so giddy (kind of like a school girl) about this weekend. The playoffs are always exciting! It’s like living on the edge, and if you make one false move, you fall. If we lose one match, we’re out. Pressure’s on now. All season long, we have prepared for this. All the practices, the lifting, the stats, the wins, the losses, the sweat, the tears ... it’s all for this moment right here. Placing second in the Pac-10, our 22-5 record, all the PacC-10 awards, the one bad practice, our worn out bodies, the nagging injuries ... all that doesn’t matter anymore. None of it does. Sink or swim time. Something about knowing all this keeps this cheesy grin on my face.




It’s snowing! What are Aggies anyway?



Woo woo! We won in three. To be honest, it just wasn’t fair. We didn’t play with a steady level of consistency, but we were so much more physical. I don’t have much to say but round one down. Round two, here we come. Gotta stay focused. I heard Utah’s got a 6-7 girl. Hmmm... the taller they are, the harder they fall. Hee hee! Focus. Focus. Bedtime. 




Utes better watch out. Cats gone wild! Once again, what are Utes?



Weeee! I am ecstatic! We beat Utah in four games on their home floor. I don’t even know what to say. I am physically exhausted. My mind is drawing a blank ... I got nothing. This is why I love the playoffs ... again nothing. My brain is not functioning. Still nothing ... so tired ... Achoo! I just sneezed. I think I’m back. Okay, so Brit played awesome defense tonight. Our little freshie is doing big things. I’m so proud of her. I’m fading away again. I think it’s time for bed. Good night. 



8:07am. We’re leaving in about twenty minutes for the airport. All I remember from last night is the three serves I missed during the fourth game. They couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. I don’t think I have ever missed three serves in one match, let alone one game. And just to make sure everyone was paying attention and their hearts were beating, I was up to bat at the end of the game. I ended up serving the last three points of the match. Game’s on the line, time to execute. Talk about pressure. I told you I loved it though. Speaking of pressure, I think I stopped a couple hearts when Brit dug our match point. Amy was out, so I was setting. For a split second, I hesitated to watch her dig the ball, before I chased it down and set Kim for the match. My hesitation might just have given Dave [Coach Rubio] a little heart attack. But what can I say? I make hearts race and get your blood pumping a little bit. I just have that gift, but you can’t call me a heartbreaker ... just yet. Happy Sweet 16!







Cat fight up in Palo Alto ... Oh! Hi! Yo, Bob. Cats are going to get clawed. Wild!

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