Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Wildcat Invitational Day One Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 23, 2004
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Feb. 23, 2004

Freshman Rachel Gavin, Arizona:

"I felt like I needed a little more patience and then if I have patience tomorrow and the next day I think I will be alright."

"No, not mental wise, it [the weather] was a nice break and we got in right before it rained again so it didn't really bother me."

Sophomore Lani Elston, Arizona:

"Not very good, I wasn't very happy at all. My swing didn't feel like I wanted it to, but it started to come around on the back nine, at the beginning I was real shaky and wasn't very confident, then I just yelled at myself to start playing golf and that got my numbers a little more reasonable."

"No, I'm not going to use that [the weather] as an excuse. It was defiantly me on the course."

Sophomore Cassandra Kirkland, Arizona:

"I thought I could have played a lot better, but I don't know the conditions were very hard."

"Yes mostly it was really long so I had a hard time focusing, I mostly think it was that."

"I'm hitting the ball well, so I think I will continue that and focus a bit more."

Junior Mar Garcia, Arizona:

"I played pretty good. I mean I had my chances for birdies and I didn't make any of them, but I played pretty good."

"It was good. I liked the weather."

Junior Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona:

"Considering the conditions I hit the ball pretty well. It just wasn't my day."

"On the two holes there were absolute downpours, I boogied them. It wasn't the greatest day."

Sophomore Katie Christy, Arizona:

"I didn't play as well as I would like. The weather was really bad and I could have done better."

"The first hole was awful, the wind was very bad."

"I hope to hit my driver a lot better."

Arizona Head Coach Greg Allen:

"Well, It was just like the weather, not very good. This is a golf course where you need to keep it in play and there are places where you aren't supposed to hit it, like the desert. We just didn't play this golf course like it is our home course. We are playing hard, it's just not happening right now. I love this team I feel like on any given day our team will go out and produce."

"Hopefully the weather [improves], we are a fair weathered team and like the sunshine we are Arizona. We just have to make puts; we missed a lot of them today. Got to stay focus. The girls are trying their hearts out. It's just a matter of them trying to make it happen, instead of letting it come to them."

UCLA Head Coach Carrie Forsyth:

"We didn't hit deep, but we got two more days so hopefully we can hit the ball a little bit deeper than we got today. Overall we need to have everyone shot under 74, which we did."

"We were actually really prepared. We had all the gear; we knew it was going to be like this. Ultimately I don't think it bothered us."

California Head Coach Nancy McDaniel:

"I think good, really good; for this course and this weather and coming off a ninth place finish."

"Not for the most part, there was no real trend. Some were better and some were worse. It wasn't a huge pattern."

Ohio State Head Coach Therese Hession:

"Well, I think we played a pretty solid round. To be perfectly honest I didn't coach I got the intestinal flu and my assistant did an excellent job and the way the weather turned out, I'm sure when people have days like this they can find better things to do than play golf, that was pretty nice for us this time of the year."

Senior Angela Rho, Stanford:

"I did really well for the weather. I can't be disappointed in myself because I didn't let it get to me, or interrupt my play or whatever. But golf is always frustrating."

Sophomore Violeta Retamoza, Tennessee:

"I hit the ball pretty good, I had two bad holes and I didn't play as good as I thought I was going to, but I still have two more days. So hopefully, I won't be to far away from the leaders. We'll see what happens."

"Yes [the weather influenced my play], well, it was very, very cold. I hate the cold weather and I cannot play in it. It's very hard."

Sophomore Alissa Kuczka, Arizona State:

"Not very good. It was a bit rough out there. It was the weather, but it was mainly mental."

"Hopefully I can stay focused [tomorrow] no matter if it's raining or sunny and hit more greens and fairways."

Senior Kim Kouwabunpat, Stanford:

"I felt like I played pretty well today, with the weather today it was difficult to really focus on your game because you had to deal on the rain and the wind and it got really intense. But I think the key for me is hitting a bunch of greens and chances at pars and birdies."

"To come out and do the same thing because today worked and if the weather can hold up hopefully the score will go down too."

"I think it probably makes me focus more on each shot, because there is so much going on you got to block everything out more."

Senior Sarah Jacobs, Vanderbilt:

"I'm really not that happy to be honest, I birdied the first four holes and really had two birdies on 13 and 18, I'm happy about that how I finished. But other than that it's frustrating to be honest. I felt like I couldn't get my rhythm going after the break, but I'm happy about the two birdies. I would have been disappointed otherwise."

"A little bit, but we are used to it in Nashville, we haven't had that great of a winter. But to be honest I think we are a little rusty in competition. Overall pretty satisfied."

Junior Lindsay Knowlton, Ohio State:

"I only made one birdie and we knew we'd be out there forever, so just steady golf."

"No I played better in the weather, I had all cards up into nine and I just tried to keep going straight."

Senior Allison Hanna, Ohio State:

"I played pretty well. I felt really comfortable with my puts and made a lot of greens."

"No I'm from the Northwest so I'm used to it. No. 2 on that first delay I boogied that hole and that was the only time it bothers me."

Junior Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA:

"In the weather I played alright, but personally I didn't think I played that well at all, nothing special. I just made a lot of puts. But in this weather it's ok."

"No not really, its kind of fun [the weather]. I had a good playing partner so we were helping each other out. But there is two more days and hopefully the weather will be nice and we can get things rolling."