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Courtside Conversations ? Dec. 5, 2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 05, 2005
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Even through the dark days that have followed the Arizona women’s basketball team since the sudden and tragic death of Shawntinice Polk and several injuries that have turned a promising season into one of desperation, there has always been one bright light. There has always been one place to turn for warm words and a gentle handshake. There has always been one smile to be found.


Even the midst of a tough loss or a hard practice, Joy Hollingsworth, the 5-10 junior guard from Seattle, Wash., has worn a smile that never seems to leave her face. Her upbeat and charismatic personality lights up a room. She can play basketball, too.


Through Arizona’s first six games, Hollingsworth has averaged 15 ppg. Her devastating long-range three-pointers give Arizona an offensive weapon that it has lacked during the past few seasons. She is fast, smart and is all about the team. Did I mention that she smiles all of the time?


Joy comes from a strong athletic background. Her uncle, Bruce Seals, played for the ABA’s Utah Stars and Seattle Supersonics, and her cousin, Nate Robinson, is currently employed by the New York Knickerbockers. And in high school she lit up the sport. She was the Washington State Player of the Year and earned about every award imaginable. She smiles a lot, too. Have I mentioned that fact?


So, as the season drags on and the Wildcats slowly improve, keep your eye on number 45. She will probably be scoring a ton of points, running all over the court, and yes, she will be smiling. They say that a smile uses less muscle than a frown. That means that Joy Hollingsworth uses no facial muscles at all!


The Wildcats have been through trying and difficult circumstances. But there will always be one smile that has been consistent and warm ?- her name is Joy Hollingsworth. She plays basketball, too!


See you on the radio!

Paul Johnson


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