Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 08, 2006
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May 23, 2006

Hellooo Everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well, and all of you are keeping on strong! Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me.

Well, Spain. How are things? I can only tell you that God is so good! Man y'all, I just don´t even know how to put it in words how good He is!

Okay, so I was really troubled about this whole playing situation, because most of you know that I have not played for over a year. I came here wanting to play, but sure that I would only get a minute here or there. Okay, so I made my own plans ... You know that your own plans DO NOT workout as you planned them.

Anyway, the plan was for me to play my first game on Saturday. I was going to play about two or so mins to see how it felt. Man, do you know how far Saturday is from now? ... Not close. Anywho, on Saturday night, after talking to Natalie on our tour, I got this strong feeling that I should not wait till the next Saturday. But of course, I was like, "Are you sure?" I mean I felt I wasn't ready. (Oh sorry, the game was on Monday). So I thought I would sleep on it. Well ... I woke up and it certainly did not change. God was telling me to play. Crazy thing, my trainer here was thinking some of the same things that I was. Nothing but the Holy Spirit y'all!

So ... I PLAYED!!! Oh my goodness! Okay, so let me tell you it was a feeling that is so hard to describe. I did not feel fatigued, I did not feel all that slow... okay maybe half a second behind ... at least :) ... but anyway. I played in freedom! I had fun! I played ball! Man, it just can get you all emotional and stuff... wooo breathe real quick ... Ok. It was crazy, just crazy. Man I want to tell y'all just so much more. It was just all supposed to happen how it did. It just was! Ah man... I mean man!

I think I'm gonna close now. God bless y'all. Oh, one more thing, I played without a knee brace! How do you like that one?!! Nothing but God! Okay for real, God Bless y'all!


:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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