Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 08, 2003
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Feb. 8, 2003

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Arizona Women's Basketball
Arizona vs. Washington State
Tucson, Ariz.
February 8, 2003

Head Coach Joan Bonvicini

"I thought she (Governor Janet Napolitano) looked good in that red jacket. It was a honor to have her here."

"I thought it was a great win, whenever you win by 30 points it's a good win."

"She (Shawntinice Polk) had very good numbers. I'm glad she is a Wildcat, I thought she had some good isolation plays and she played well today."

"We didn't shoot threes very well tonight, which is an understatement. But we were good from the line."

"Our free-throw shooting was a high for the season (13-16), it must have been the Governor, we were glad she was here, it was a good game."

"We control our own destiny. We need a sweep this weekend. We won the last game here, but it will be a tough game on the road."

"We are playing better, there were some break downs, but it was a good game for us."

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

"This was a great event. Arizona is a well-coached team. I love being down here supporting the University of Arizona. I had a great afternoon."

"Watching the game from the chairs is very different from being in the front of the stands. It is a totally different perspective."

About looking like Arizona head coach Joan Bonvicini:
"I'm not sure. I don't think we look all that alike."

"I like sports. I really like intercollegiate sports. To me, this is a way to support the University of Arizona, support the team and have a good time."

"Title-IX has opened many opportunities for women not only in sports, but in college as well. Title-IX has made a huge difference for women in athletics."

Washington State Head Coach Sherri Murrell

On Arizona center Shawntinice Polk:
"We started out playing behind and doubling down on (Polk), but that didn't succeed. Then we tried fronting and then we tried zone. We did everything. We tried everything and made every adjustment, but when it comes down to it, Shawtinice Polk is an All-American and will be for four years."

"In the first half, we were making some runs. I felt like we did some really good things in the first half, but we didn't have the enthusiasm to keep it rolling."

"At half time, I asked the players, 'What kind of character are you going to show in the second half?' And I thought our players showed some good character. Our team isn't going to roll over. Arizona is a good team. We showed some good runs, but not enough."

Arizona Players

Freshman Phakisha Peterson

"I think today's game gave us some valuable experience that we can use down the stretch. We have played before, but most of the time it has been in practice."

"We know that (Coach Bonvincini) needs us to step up especially with injuries. We know that we can provide a spark off the bench and we will step up."

"(Coach Bonvincini) has only been going 6 or 7 deep in games so far but she really wants to be able to play her whole bench. We (the bench) need to be able to be there for our starters when they get tired."

Senior Krista Warren

"It seemed like in the first half of the game we were just going through the motions. Then, Coach Bonvincini got on us at halftime and (Coach Bonvincini) told us that we had to pick it up in the second half. We knew we had to step it up."

"Lately, we have been doing a really good job of getting it inside to Polkey. Today, we knew it would be challenging for our guards so we knew that we had to get the ball inside. We just dumped it in to Polkey, and she did a great job from there."

On Potential Fatigue of Starters
"Coach has been giving (the starters) lots of breaks, especially in practice. Some practices we spend a lot of time just shooting. The subs have been plying more because the Coaches have begun to focus on (the bench) a lot in practice."

On Governor Janet Napolitano's presence at the game
"It was really a lot of fun to have her here, especially because she looks like (Coach Bonvincini). When she came in the huddle and sat down and told us what to do, we were all just cracking up. She is really quirky, but she has a great attitude."

Freshman Shawntinice "Polkey" Polk

"It feels really great to be in second-place in the Pac-10. Normally we don't want ASU to win anything but this time it was good for us, so that was positive."

On the Wildcats' bench
"(The Bench) has been stepping up a lot, we have been getting tired since we play a lot. But when we get in games, we are encouraged because we see how hard they work."

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