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Keeping Up With Candice: Entry #4
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 01, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Dec. 1, 2010

Throughout the Arizona Wildcat women's basketball season, freshman Candice Warthen will keep a weekly blog about life as a Pac-10 freshman. Check back for more updates from Candice!

Hello Wildcat Fans!

My trip to Cancun, Mexico was pretty cool. For the most part, I enjoyed being in another country; it was nice. The scenery of Mexico is very pretty, all of the green trees and blue water. The first two days were fun and relaxing. We went to the zoo and to the aquarium. I enjoyed the zoo the most. I stepped outside of my comfort zone big time. I was holding the snakes, feeding the monkeys, and holding crocodiles. I still can't believe it. The monkeys are really fun to watch. For some reason, every single time I go to the zoo the monkeys always have a way of entertaining me. I'm thinking about getting a pet monkey for Christmas. LOL. The turtles were cute also. At the aquarium, we saw the dolphins and it was a great show. They are very talented and I also got to touch a shark.

On Friday, we played against Texas A&M. The results weren't great but we all played our hardest for 40 minutes and that's all that matters. On Saturday, we played against Bradley. At the beginning they were tough but in the second half, we put them away. We ended up winning by about 30. I played well in both games, nothing spectacular.

After the games, we relaxed a little bit outside by the pool and on the beach. It was so fun. Sunday morning was all fun in the sun. We got in the pool, got in the ocean and a couple of the team members went parasailing, and others went jet skiing.

We are ready to take on Nevada and I'll update you next week on our trip.

Thanks for reading my blog! Go Cats!

-Candice Warthen

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