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Soccer Team Has 'Solid' First Day
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 10, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Head Coach Dan Tobias


On the first day overall

“We have the first day in the book. In the morning, the fitness went fairly well and we got a chance for everyone to touch the ball individually. Everything went well in the first session and it was a good starting point and a good gauge. In the p.m. session, we played an 11-sided scrimmage with two thirty minute periods. I thought we did good things on both sides of the ball. Most importantly, the information that we gave them before was really put into what they did in the game. At the half, we gave them some more information and they transferred it into the game really well, too. Overall, it was a really solid first day.”


On the freshman

“As a freshman the first day is an opportunity to make the first impression on your teammates and the staff and of course they want that impression to be the right one. I saw a lot of positives and I think that the group did a nice job. It was very easy to see in the morning session that they had prepared themselves properly for the season and it showed in the fitness test, in the transition game and tonight in the scrimmage. I thought that Jasmine (Namdar), Laura (Huylebroeck), Jacqueline (Broussard), Macke (Mutz) and Lindsay (Lum) were solid in the game. That’s not to say that the others weren’t also solid.”


On team’s fitness

“Overall, I think the fitness is one aspect and the fitter you are the more you can do. I am pleased with where we are on the first day with all aspects: fitness, playing and attitude. We have some very good things to build on.”


Sophomore Brianna Caceres, Defender


On being a team captain

“I am definitely honored to be asked to be a captain. Most of the girls have said that I am a natural leader on the field. As a captain, I have a lot more responsibilities and a lot more is required of me.”


On the first day overall

“The team did a great job and showed what we have improved on. The freshman class is amazing and we have no where to go but up from here.”


Sophomore Gianna DeSaverio, Forward


On the first day overall

“The first day went really well. I am impressed with the freshman class. I think that we can go further this year than last year. I am definitely excited to be playing soccer again for Arizona and not for a club team. Everyone worked hard today and now that we got day one over with we can work on the stuff that we need to.”


Freshman Jasmine Namdar, Forward


On her first day with Arizona soccer

“It was exciting to come out as a freshman and meet the team and get a feel for everyone. It was definitely nerve racking to come out and play though. Everyone did really well today and pushed themselves in the fitness test. We were able to come out and gel automatically. The returners really made us fell welcome and like we were a part of the team right away. It is like we have been here forever.” 

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