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Arizona Women's Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 7 - Verona
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 21, 2007
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By: Shannon Hobson


Today, the Arizona women’s basketball team did A LOT of traveling. We woke up this morning with the mindset that we would be on the road at least seven hours. The plan was to take a two-hour bus ride to Verona, leave Verona and travel down to Montecatini, which was an expected five hour drive. I must say, I am thrilled it did not end up being that long.


The drive to Montecatini was only about three hours, and on the way we took a break to see the beautiful green mountains of the Southwest. It is so beautiful out here! You DO NOT see this much green in Tucson!


The stop in Verona was awesome. We had the opportunity to see the house Juliet lived in, and some of us even took a tour. What an opportunity to walk in a house that was built in the 13th century! And, little did we know, the story was true! Many of us decided to reenact being Juliet on her balcony. Bring the story back to life.


In Verona, the most popular arena during the Roman Empire era was built in 1145. It was in that arena where many Italians traveled to be entertained. Inside it was amazing. It felt as if one was about to watch the movie Gladiator live. I was personally waiting for men to come out in armor and swords and fight to the end. To be in the halls of the arena and walk the steps people walked hundreds of years ago is absolutely breathtaking. I could go on, but I think I will spare you all of the amazings and wows and awesomes. It just really was that great of an experience. Our team continues to embark upon different parts of Italian history, and each section has a unique story, much different from the last. We are excited to continue our journey and eat all the Italian food and Gelato we can while we are here! Did I mention Gelato is the best ice cream I have ever had!


Oh my goodness! I eat it at least once a day, maybe twice!



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