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Arizona Women's Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 4 Part II/Day 5- Gondola/Jesolo
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 25, 2007
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By: Rhaya Neabors


Yesterday we took a boat ride from Jesolo to Venice. It was real nice. Venice was amazing, especially the gondolas. The gondola is a very narrow boat, with a gondolier who steers the boat from the back. Seriously the gondolier must have some serious balance to be able to guide the boat through the canals, with other gondolas coming through. They also have to be careful about how many people get on the gondola because there has to be an even weight on each side.


But anyways, going through the canals was very interesting.  I can see how this became a romantic type of thing to do.


The city of Venice has so many great attributes to it. Expect for all the pigeons, in my opinion. There were so many. There must have been more than a thousand, just flying around like no big deal. But the church was beautiful, I mean it took forever to build and even more to decorate and it’s amazing.


The food there is also great. Ashley Whisonant and I are seriously addicted to gelato. We are really going to have some withdrawals when we get back to the U.S. We must get gelato at least twice a day, and that’s at least.


Later that night some of us went to the beach just to check it out. It was dark but it was very nice outside, the weather was great.


This morning we headed to the beach again and laid out. It is funny how many venders came by. They know when they see foreigners. One of them told us if we bought this jewelry we would look like Celine Dion, or Cedine Lion in Coach Barney’s case.


I think it is funny how like when we meet people who speak Italian, how much they try to accommodate to us. Aren’t we the ones in their country, yet they try and speak English to us. It’s cute. It seems they have a better sense of the American lifestyle then we do of the Italian.

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