Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
New Places, New Experiences!
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 08, 2006
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May 21, 2006

Hello all! I hope you all are doing well. I know you who are in Tucson are burnin' up! I saw the temp. Anyway, quite a bit has gone on since I last wrote. We had a game last night! Our first game in Spain! It was quite interesting. The floor on the courts out here are like this green rubber surface. Not the best on those good knees that ball players seem to have, but different is good ... different is good.

Oh ... my ... dude, that traveling rule out here is crucial! The Spainish players take like five extra steps after they come to a jump stop! Okay, two steps, but it is crazy to get used to. I don't know yet personally, but it just looks so off. But we are off to them, so ... yeah.

Anywho, are game was way out in the boondocks! We took like a 30-minute subway ride (by the way, that was my first time in an underground anything! Pretty neat, pretty neat) and an hour bus ride through this beautiful countryside. We drove through the Spain that one imagines with gorgeous hills, buildings built thousands of years ago, cobblestone roads, little cars made for pčople not like me and so much more! Wow! It is so pretty.

Okay the game. We won! It was a good way to start things off. Everybody applied all that we have learned so far, and it showed. Not just skillwise, but also spiritually. It was great. The team invited us to eat some snacks after the game, which was a true honor. In Spain, that is like inviting someone to stay the night at your house. It is a symbol of wanting to get to know you socially. It was very nice.

Because or game was yesterday, we were able to go to church today. We took another lengthy trip out to another beautiful countryside. The church was not your typical Spainish church. It was amazing! They were singing songs that we knew, but in SPAINISH! It was such a beautiful sound. One day stop and really listen to someone speak in a language that you do not understand. You will find how beautiful it sounds and how unique and beautiful God has made everyone. We sang, well we tried to sing along in Spainish, which was a challenge, because, um, I do not speak Spainish and also because they speak Catalan (a mix of French and Spainish) ... So, they wanted us to sing a song in front of the church ... yeah I was nervous... I don't sing! Not in the real public. I may act like Mary J or you know some real singer, but yeah, that's not me.

Lesson: You cannot always be you. We sang and it was good. Not Mississippi Mass Quior or GP but we made a "joyful noise" :).

After we sang and Leah gave her testimony, I had the privedge to go talk to the youngins and give my testimony. I love those kids. There was such innocence in them. The real kind, not the, "awe how cute" and then they curse up a storm when you leave. They were the real cute. :) They greeted Brittney and I with the kiss one each cheek thing, which was so cute! Church was just great!

Oh! so I wanted to mention that Eliah and I thought we had this one song down, right? So the first time through they did this two clap thing at the end ... So I'm sure you know what happened ... The next time through, I'm like, "Ready?" The clap part came, but Eliah and I were the only two in the church to clap! LOL!!! Everybody turned to look at us and started laughing. We just so happen to be 6-2 and 6-3. Yeah you can see us! LOL! It was so funny though!

Closing now don't worry: We play tomorrow night, so I shall let you know! We will be in Barcelona until Saturday and we will then go to Madrid.

God Bless y'all!


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