Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Q&A with Sean Jones
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 04, 2004
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Who was your favorite player growing up and why?


    Ray Lewis because he is so intense the entire game.                       


How was it going from offense to defense this spring?


It was cool, I really enjoyed it. I felt like it was a place I should have been for long time and felt natural from the second I started practicing there.


Being a student athlete could you tell us how you balance out school work and practice?


I do all my homework the week before they are do so that I can go to football practice and chill out.


Who is your non-sports related role-model?


My mother because she is special a person in my life and has been with me through all the good times and bad.



What made you decide to play football at Arizona?


I had some fellow teammates come here from my high school and I thought it would be cool to go to school with somebody I knew.


What is your favorite dish?


Chinese food: Orange Chicken & Fried Rice.


As a football player what has been your greatest accomplishment?


Haven’t accomplished anything that I have want to yet.




What is your favorite aspect about game day?


Listen to the crowd, and feel the vibration of the entire event.



    Any Pre-Game rituals/preparations?


I listen to Gospel because is gets me focused, I pray a lot too. I pray for my teammates and pray that no one gets hurt.




What is the biggest adjustment to the college game from high school?


Overall speed, it is a lot faster. Everybody is as good as you so it’s different from high school when you just run over everybody.


Favorite Sport to Watch Besides Football?


Baseball, I played here for one year but decided to focus on football.


Favorite place to eat in Tucson?


Tokyo Rice bowl, I love the orange chicken with white rice.


Any last thoughts or shout outs?


Shout out to my football team, staying here this summer was hard but it was way worth it and  I know we will win. Also I want to say what up to Elijah with love.

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