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GymCats Blog - Briana 'Beamer' Bergeson
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 15, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Beamer's Blog - 11/ 2/ 06


This year is looking to be a great one! We arrived in August excited and motivated.  We were ready to see what our freshman could do and how they would mesh with the rest of the team.  All of them came in ready to work and the team loved them.  Practices started off pretty light so everyone could get used to the equipment again.  Then in September mandatory practice rolled around and the whole atmosphere in the gym changed from fun to determined.  Steadily now for the past month and a half practices have been getting more challenging, pushing us to our limits.  Everyday I can see improvement in each person and it just feels good when you know that your teammates are just as motivated as you are.  We all know that if we work hard enough we can do amazing things this year.


For the seniors this will be their last year and I can tell that they want to make it a memorable one.  Aubrey Kelly (formerly Taylor) is working on a new vault and a bar release that will put the audience in awe.  Jamie Holton has been working hard on perfecting her vault to get that 10.0, and has also upgraded some on her tumbling on floor.  The team looks to both of these girls for leadership and they will make a big impact in the line up this year.


Our juniors came in ready to work on the fine details and make everything perfect.  They are really pushing to hold the team to a higher standard both physically and mentally.  Danielle Hicks is as solid as ever, and she is always the gymnast you know you can count on to hit.  She is very committed and always has a good attitude in the gym.  Rachelle Silberg comes in the gym determined to get more consistent every day.  She is working hard on her floor tumbling and perfecting her vault.  Karin Wurm is very competitive not only at meets but also in the gym.  She loves to work hard and show off her skills.  She is working on upgrading some tumbling and perfecting her beam. Rounding up the junior class is Melanie Weiser.  She has been working very hard in the gym but unfortunately she just recently tore her ACL and meniscus and is due to have surgery very soon.  We hope that she has a speedy recovery and is back in no time.


The sophomores came back looking improved from last year and more confident.  Sarah Specht has probably been the biggest change from last season when she sat out as a red shirt.  She has recovered from her elbow injury and is motivated to get in the line up.  Her vault and floor are very powerful something to look for in upcoming competitions.  Suzanne Alvey has always been a hard worker and is upgrading some of her bar work.  Suzanne is always a comic relief when we need it the most.  Bree Workman has been working vigorously on her beam hoping to make the line up this year, and as always she flies high on her amazing vault.  Erica Anderson has only been able to work on bars due to a stress fracture in her foot, but she is going to be making a full recovery soon.  Alexis Greene has been working consistently on all four events and improving every day.  If you thought her bar routine from last year was great just wait until you see this one!  She is expected to wow the crowd with her power and confidence.  Last is Briana (“Beamer”) Bergeson (me!). It is hard to write about myself, but everyday I come in to the gym and tell myself to make this day better than the last, and that is what I have been doing.  I have upgraded my bars and vault and have been perfecting my beam.


Last but not least is our freshman. These are some of the hardest working girls I know.  Right off the bat these girls fit in and we knew that they would make an impact on our team. Keep your eye out for Brittney Morgan. She is very solid on all four events.  She is an amazing beam worker and very powerful on floor.  Miranda Russell, or “Randy Joe” as we call her, is also very solid on all four events.  She is a great dancer and tumbler and likes to put on a show.  Jamie Custer has been working hard on her vault and floor, but due to mono she will be out for a few weeks.  Even with mono she comes in everyday and helps the team out until she is too exhausted and falls asleep in the same position she was cheering from.  She has a great spirit and we hope she gets well soon.  All three of our freshman have so much potential and I can’t wait to see what they can do in competition.


I am really excited about the team this year.  I can see so much potential in every girl and the team is as close as ever.  Everyday we just have to come in with the attitude to work hard and keep our goals in mind.  If we do those things I know we will be successful.  I can’t wait to start competing!!! Check back next week on everyone’s progress!

-- Beamer

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