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Arizona Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 12, 2004
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Sonoma State at Arizona

Nov. 11, 2004


Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson:


“We were totally dead on our feet in the first half. It was a horror show. We couldn’t stop the penetration. But we played a lot harder in the second half.”


“Our guys need to learn that the ball isn’t going to come to you. You have to go get the ball.”


“We were not ready to play to begin the game.”


“(Sonoma State) played very well. The biggest problem we had was stopping penetration by their guards.”


“Channing (Frye) has to play like he did in the second half all the time.”


“We had as many poor shots in the first half as we had in the past six games.”


“It’s not about whether you score or not, it’s whether we score. We showed very poor judgment in the first half.”


(On Chris Rodgers)

“He gave us a big lift with the steals. He has the ability to come in and immediately make some things happen. He feels he can be the sixth man that Jason Terry was for us. He has the ability to spark the crowd and spark his teammates.”


(On Mike Bibby)

“He’s tremendous in everything he does. I don’t think he’ll ever change. Some of the younger guys don’t have that kind of class.”


“Mike did so many unbelievable things in just two years here. I didn’t know he was going to be so good. He worked so hard on everything he did. I’m just really proud to have had Mike Bibby on my team.”


“I’m so proud of Mike, not just as an athlete, but as a young man. He’s a delightful young man. He’s a great basketball player obviously, or he wouldn’t have his jersey up there. It makes proud to say that I had the pleasure of coaching him for two years.”



Arizona Player Quotes


Senior Center Channing Frye:


“They were a real good team. They boxed out, hustled, ran their plays. They were a good team to play. They did all the little things that we have to get used to.”


“The coaches jumped on me and they needed to. That just fired me up. I wanted to go out and make an impact.”


“The defense was fine. We played good in streaks but we need to start playing in longer streaks. We just have to keep working and go lift in the morning.”


“Mike being here definitely was motivation. To think about one of our guys having his jersey retired is unreal. You just have to do the extra things like he did. I don’t really think about anything like that for myself, but I just want to be the best for my team and have that great work ethic.”


Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur:


“It was definitely motivation with Mike here and all the compliments he had. It makes you just want to work as hard as you can like that ’97 team did.”


“Salim did a great job looking for me. I don’t know how many assists he had, but he was doubled all night and spread the ball around. That left me open and he was able to recognize that.”


“The first half was terrible. We came out sluggish and we didn’t move the ball as a team.”


“We need to get better at ball containment, stopping the dribbler, and communication. Every team is going to be a threat. Just because they were Sonoma State they were still tough. We have to come to play every game.”


“Channing got me hyped up when he came back in. That’s what we expect and what we feed off of.”


Junior Guard Hassan Adams:


“They were a solid college team. They aren’t a traveling team. They were much more structured, ran their sets, and played hard. I respect that. They never backed down. They saw the ?'Arizona’ on our jersey and didn’t back down.”


“That is what Coach O is going to do no matter what. If you don’t play hard you are going to get pulled. If you don’t do your job you are going to get pulled.”



Mike Bibby Jersey Retirement Quotes


“I love it here. If things were different and I would have stayed here four year I would have loved it.”


“I was nervous out there [at the jersey retirement ceremony]. I had a paper in my pocket to read, but I just said what was in my head at the time.”


“I am still known for the blue shoes at the championship game.”


“The support was always here. No matter what happened the fans were still behind us. That was a reason I came here.”


“This team is good. They remind me of how we played. They play together, their main thing is winning which was how we were.”


“I listened in on the team’s pre-game talk tonight.”


“This was the first game I watched in the stands.”


“Sacramento is kind of like here. They are very supportive and no matter what happens they always have your back.”

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