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Arizona Football Training Camp - Day Six
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 13, 2001
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Aug. 13, 2001

TUCSON - The Wildcat football team headed into its sixth day of two-a-days training camp with a morning workout featuring light gear and considerable attention to fundamentals.

Free safety Jarvie Worcester (foreground) and others on the top defensive unit watch Monday drills from the sideline.

"We took the pads off," head coach John Mackovic said. "We went Saturday night and Sunday night and needed to not let the team get run down, plus work on a lot of little things."

"We'll go in full pads (Monday night) and do a lot of team work. A lot of the young guys will get more reps," he said.

Head coach John Mackovic (left) and offensive coordinator Rick Dykes time the quarterback's release on passing plays. The Cats' multiple-pro passing attack involves strict timing because of the multitude of pass routes receivers run.

The Cats continue camp through Aug. 18 in preparations for regular-season workouts commencing the first day of classes Monday, Aug. 20. Mackovic and staff have to adjust the early schedule somewhat since the team opens the season on a Thursday night (Aug. 30) at San Diego State in a national cablecast on ESPN2.

"Camp is moving along. We have to put one foot in front of the other and not stumble," Mackovic said when asked if his club was game-ready. "We've had good attention from the players, but we're not ready for a game."

Tackle Makoa Freitas (77), guard Reggie Sampay (75) and center Steven Grace (66) work up front while QB Jason Johnson hands off to halfback Leo Mills.

NOTES... WIldcat quarterbacks are not wearing colored 'don't-hit-me' jerseys in camp. "Our defensive players have been doing a good job of tagging off and not hitting the quarterbacks," Mackovic said. "They're players, too, so they don't need to wear different gear. It's like our kickers - they're snapping the ball, playing linebacker, etc., when they're not involved in kicking drills. They're football players," he said...

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