Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: July 19, 2006
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1. All seats are reserved and each individual, including children three years and older, should sit in the seat for which he/she holds the ticket. To aid in the effort, we employ stadium crew members who can give assistance in seat location and other services patrons might require.

2. No one is allowed on the field at any time without proper credentials.

3. NO CONTAINERS ADMITTED. NO LARGE BAGS, BACKPACKS, or PARCELS permitted.  ALL PERSONAL ITEMS SUBJECT TO SEARCH. The University of Arizona policy prohibits bringing beverage and food containers into Arizona Stadium. If patrons do bring food or beverage containers including bottles, ice chests, bottles, cans, canteens, or bags containing food, they will be asked to dispose of them at the gate, or return them to their car. Patrons carrying small bags or handbags will be asked by University personnel to open them for inspection.


4. Should patrons experience any discomfort because of the actions of others and wish to seek relief from the same, please report the incident to the closest crew member. The crew member will then seek assistance to alleviate the problem.


5. No refunds or exchanges on season tickets will be permitted later than one (1) week prior to the season.


6. NCAA and Pac-10 rules prohibit the use of artificial noise makers or sound devices.


7. NO RE-ENTRY POLICY: A no re-entry policy exists in the stadium. If you leave the facility, you must purchase a new ticket in order to return to the game.  The ticket office closes, however, at halftime.




As a service to season ticket holders, duplication vouchers for tickets can be obtained in the McKale Ticket Office starting the Monday prior to the day of the game. A $10.00 nonrefundable fee must be paid at the time the duplicates are issued. On the day of the game a season ticket holder who has misplaced his/her ticket, may go to the Will Call Office near Gate 6. A duplication voucher will be provided after verification of the season tickets. The $10.00 nonrefundable charge must be paid at that time.  NOTE: Duplications will be issued only to season ticket holders. Individual game and student tickets will not be duplicated.



The main Athletics Department ticket office is located at the south end of McKale Center. Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday during football season. NOTE: Game day sales will be at the stadium ticket office, located in the southeast corner of Arizona Stadium.  The ticket office will open at 8 a.m. for any games beginning prior to 2 p.m.; and for games beginning after 2 p.m., the ticket office will open at 10 a.m. and close at the conclusion of halftime.  Information on tickets for all UA athletic events can be obtained by calling 621-CATS (2287) or visiting





Stadium Entry: Wheelchair access to the North End Zone Sections 26-30 is through Gate B located on the Northeast side of the stadium. Wheelchair access to the East Side Sections 2-6 is through the ramps at Gate 1 and Gate 8.  East side seating in the 100 and 200 levels may be accessed by the ramps at Gates 1 and 8 or by the elevator located across from Gate 3.  West side seating may be accessed by the ramps at Gates 14 and 16 or by the elevator across from Gate 13 or either north or south skybox elevator.


Parking: Accessible parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis through Parking and Transportation in the Cherry Garage. Disabled placards must be displayed to park in this area.


Restrooms: Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on ground level in the northeast and northwest corners of the stadium and throughout the stadium on the main concourses.





Situated at the ticket office near Gate 6 in the southeast corner of the stadium. This office will open at 8 a.m. for any games beginning prior to 2 p.m.; and for games beginning after 2 p.m., will-call will open at 10 a.m. and close at the conclusion of halftime. 


?* Player Will-Call will open 90 minutes prior to game time. The visiting team player-guest will call is at Gate 11 and UA player-guest will-call is at Gate 8.

?* The student-athlete pass gate is Gate B.

?* The football recruit pass list is at Gate B in the northeast corner of the stadium. All Arizona student-athletes and recruits enter at Gate B.

?* The high school coaches pass list is at Gate 8.

?* Media Will-Call is at Gate 11 on the southwest corner of the stadium and opens 90 minutes prior to kick-off.




Articles should be left at the police command center in the NW corner of the stadium. Later inquiries should be directed to UAPD at 1852 E. 1st St. on campus or by calling the Event Management Office at 621-4694.





East Stadium: Ground level at Gate 4 (women) and Gate 5 (men) and in ground level building at northeast corner. Middle concourse near all tunnels.  Upper concourse near all tunnels.


West Stadium: Men ?- middle concourse near tunnel to Section 22 and at extreme south end. Upper concourse near all tunnels.  Women ?- middle concourse near tunnel to Section 20 and at extreme north end.  Ground level building at northwest corner of stadium.


South Stadium: Lower concourse under Section 13 (men). Lower concourse under Section 11 (women).


South End Zone: South end directly behind the Red Zone seating section.


North End Zone: Northeast and Northwest corners, ground level.




Located in the following areas:

?* South end zone tunnel (east end)

?* Northwest ground level, near NW bathrooms

?* East side: middle concourse (100 level)

?* East side: upper concourse (200 level)




Ambulance service and paramedics are on duty as well.  Four first aid rooms are available at the following locations in Arizona Stadium:

?* West: located at the 46th row level behind Section 19

?*  East: located at the 35th row level behind Section 107

?*  East: located at the 8th row level behind Section 205

?*  South: located at ground level directly in front of Gate 6

?*  Paramedics are on both east/west side of the track surrounding the field




Located at ground level in northwest corner of the stadium. Officers are on duty throughout the stadium during each game.




No personal announcements will be made over the public address system. Public service announcement questions may be directed to the Athletics Marketing and Corporate Sales Office, at 621-8081.




Press operations are situated on the fourth level of the Scholarship Box on the west side of the Stadium. Credentialed personnel will have access through the south elevator outside the west side of the Stadium, near Gate 14.

Media Will-Call is at Gate 11 on the southwest corner of the stadium and opens 90 minutes prior to kick-off.



EMERGENCIES call 621-UAPD(8273)

Attention Doctors: Doctors who are registered with the Pima County Medical Society are assigned a number to be used for emergencies.  When an emergency call comes in, the doctor’s number will be run across the message center of the main scoreboard.  The public address system will not be used for announcements.


Bowl eligible