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Colleen Fisher Blog
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 19, 2007
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Hi everyone!?



My name is Colleen Fisher and?I am a freshmen GymCat here at the U of A.?I come from Murrieta California, and a family of six. I'm into my fifth week at the University of Arizona and am finally feeling settled in.

The first few weeks were definitely hard to adjust to, but all of the academic councilors for the student athletes, the coaches and especially my teammates have made all of it so much easier. The fact that we have tutors and mentors available at all times has helped a lot as well.

I?have learned that being a student athlete requires a lot of you, and the help that is offered to us makes it possible to excel in both aspects. My teammates have really been there for all the freshmen?to talk to, help with classes, and have even offered a room to stay?in?when we get sick of the dorms :).

Practice has been a little different than?I had imagined because of the fact we are practicing in a local club off of campus, but I can not wait to see the new facility they are building for us.?I love being part of such a close team, they are so supportive and encouraging. That has?especially helped to get over the nerves you feel as a freshmen. In addition to practice we have weight training, community service,?and?study hall.

It is all such a new experience, and I'm loving every minute of it.?I can't wait for this season, and?the years to come!

Colleen Fisher

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