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Kristina Baum's Player Diary from Arizona Volleyball?s Rivalry Match Vs. ASU
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 09, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior opposite Kristina Baum kept a player diary during the week of Arizona volleyball’s rivalry match versus Arizona State



While walking to Bear Down [Gym] today, I admired all the students walking around campus. I like people watching and noticing how people carry themselves, how they dress, the expressions on their faces, etc. On my journey to practice, carrying my notebook, knee pads, ankle braces and shoes, a thought came to my mind (Cue the heavenly music). College, for some, seems to be a slow deterioration of the body. This holds true for athletes for obvious reasons, but I decided to include the average student population. On my hike to the gym, I noticed a couple of guys standing outside the library talking. They were tall, skinny and fairly good-looking. I was just about to classify them as a group of babes when the wind blew. Yes, the wind. To my utter surprise, this gust of wind revealed a very attractive feature all the guys seemed to carry ... the sculpted beer belly. This is just one example of the slow deterioration that I speak of for the general student body.


For athletes, it’s a little different. Three hour practices consume our weekdays when we don’t have games. Outside of practicing, we lift to chisel our finely tuned bodies and get treatment on our aches and pains. We grind it out every day to play the sport we love. I know some of my teammates suffer from their own bodily dysfunctions, such as injuries, sickness, or just plain old age. All this is just part of playing our sport and our drive to achieving our one goal, which is a national championship. When you want something bad enough, you do anything to get it. Maybe after we win, those beer-bellied babes will want to hang out. That would be sweet. (I think the hike to Bear Down from McKale [Center] is quite long, maybe a mile or two. Obviously, since I have so much time to think about all this.)




ASU is going down tonight. Dave [Coach Rubio] had us work on our passing in practice this week. I got a lot of feedback about my passing. I liked it. When you really think about it, passing is very easy. I think it’s the pressure that is placed on passing that makes it seem more difficult than it really is. In tonight’s game, my goal is to pass well. I have been practicing it well, so I might as well do it well. ASU can serve me all night long. Bring it!



Yeeeeeyaaah! We won! I love beating ASU. They are our rival so they deserve to lose. "Jenn Jenn" [Abernathy] played awesome. I’m pretty sure when she gets a kill that the ball lands before she does. Dominique [Lamb] too. "Domi" jumps so high that she kicked Amy’s [Dyck] hand while Amy was trying to set. Yeah, I seem to have that problem too. The ref gave me a warning about my approach on the slide. I jump so high that I have a tendency to kick the up ref in the stomach. After that, I could only jump half of my max. It happens sometimes. That’s why "Domi" and I are "twins."

Anyway, this was a great start to Homecoming weekend. Tomorrow, football takes down the Bruins. Of course, we’ll be there to support our fellow spandex-wearing athletes.











Up next... We’ll have to Bear the cold up in Nor Cal when we beat Stanford and Cal in Tree.