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Keeping Up With Candice: Entry #5
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 15, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Dec. 15, 2010

Throughout the Arizona Wildcat women's basketball season, freshman Candice Warthen will keep a weekly blog about life as a Pac-10 freshman. Check back for more updates from Candice!

Hello Wildcat Fans!

This past week has been intense. With all my finals, my brain is worn out. The two previous road trips we had were to New Mexico and Nevada. Nevada was very nice, all the casinos and the lights at night, it looked pretty. The game didn't go well and we lost by four. It was a tough loss because we weren't focused and Nevada came to play.

The night before the New Mexico game, we ate at a Brazilian Steak House. You could get as much food as you wanted until you said stop. It was different meats, salad and side dishes. This trip was strictly business, coming off the lost to Nevada we had to get a win. We were focused from the time we got there until the final buzzer. We ended up playing well and winning by more than 20 points. This was a great game for everyone. The bench was into the game and everybody that was on the floor came ready to play.

Today is December 15! I say this because I only have six more days until I get to go back to Georgia!!! YAY!!!

I'm looking forward to a restful holiday break at home. I know the team will be eager to return from break and is looking forward to our last few non-conference games!

Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading my blog! Go Cats!

-Candice Warthen

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