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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 2/17/2007
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 17, 2007
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“UCLA is a very good basketball team at both ends of the court. All of their runners do a good job and handle the ball well, while their big guys do their job, which is to challenge shots in the middle and hit the defensive boards. The thing that’s impressive about them is that they compete on every second of every possession on both ends.”


“UCLA is very patient, and with the clock running down, they shoot the ball extremely well. I don’t know how many times I thought that we defended well and they hit the long (shots) just before the buzzer.”


“I thought some positive things from our stand point were that we were able to outscore them in the paint and were able to hold them to three (team) rebounds. To be able to do that indicates a good solid job on our side.”


“UCLA does a great job of pressuring the ball; they were on us so tightly that it was hard to get a pass off.”


“When talking to our team, I said that (UCLA’s defense) is an example of what needs to be done, that’s the kind of effort that it takes. If someone scores a bucket off of you it should hurt, and it doesn’t hurt right now (for some guys). That’s the biggest problem we have.”


“That’s the first thing you learn in this game, that either it hurts when someone scores on you, or else you are never going to be a good defensive player. That’s that challenge before us right now, knowing that whether you are in a man or a zone (defense), you have to work your tail off.”


“We just have to get to the point where we realize that if you’re not a solid defensive team on every possession, you’re not a good team. UCLA is a very good team because they compete on every possession.”


“I think UCLA is as good as anyone in the country. They are experienced, very well coach and they are tough minded.”


“I don’t think that there is a better point guard in America than Darren Collison. If you look at (his stats) today, he had 15 assists and two turnovers. He gets in the lane and he’s one of the toughest guys in the league to keep out of the lane because he is so quick. Plus he defends like crazy.”


“I think we got a lesson taught to us (today), we’ll see whether that pays off. You can’t lose concentration on one possession. We started out (the game) and got ourselves in a hole, but we did a good job of battling back. Then we came out in the second half and they zapped us.”



On getting the team to play defense:


“It’s got to hurt you; it’s got to be like someone stuck a knife in you when someone scores. We don’t have that and I’m sure that’s our fault as coaches. It’s not that we don’t know what we are doing, it’s that we are having a difficult time getting some key guys to play defense like their life depends on it. I’m sure some of that comes with additional strength and maturity, but we just don’t have that and we are not going to be a good team until we do. We put that challenge to them a lot of times and sooner or later if you get hit in the head long enough it starts having an effect on you.”


Arizona Player Quotes

Senior Forward Ivan Radenovic

“They made a lot of big shots, especially all of the threes at the end of the shot clock.  Those shots really made a difference in the game.”


“They were changing a lot of the stuff they did, and we couldn’t stop their outside shooting.”


Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur

“We got good looks, but we just didn’t knock them down.”


“It is great to see my family here.  Good to see my brother, my sister in law and my youngest niece.”


(On time here)

“It has gone by so fast, it seems like I have only been here two weeks.  In my first practice I was tired in my first 7-8 minutes.”


“I think our (the seniors) mark is more determination and hope.  We have really improved a lot over the years, and that is what I hope we are remembered for.”


“We aren’t done yet, we have a lot of play left in us.”


Sophomore Forward Marcus Williams

“They played great defense.  There weren’t a lot of times where you caught the ball and had an open look.”


“The shots they made (at the end of the shot clock) were a little deflating, but I’m proud of my guys.  I think we played a good game today.”


Freshman Forward Jordan Hill
(On the Seniors)

“They impact me a lot, they are really good role models.  Mustafa isn’t a big man, but he knows the game and teaches me a lot.”


“They are good teammates and real good friends, so I wish them the best in the future.”



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