Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
01-09-2008 Kristen Blog
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 09, 2008
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Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! The arrival of 2008 means the start of the season is almost here! The team came back to town for practice on December 30th and we have been working very hard throughout our winter break to prepare for the first meet.? We are in our new, amazing facility and it is really helping us get a lot of training done every day.? Our practices have been going great so we cannot wait to get out there and perform for our fans!

I am a Freshman walk on from Tucson so I am especially excited for our first home meet!? I have been coming to McKale to watch the GymCats compete for many years.? I was always so impressed by their gymnastics and inspired to train that much harder in my own club practices.? Now it is my turn to wear one of the gorgeous Arizona leotards and compete in front of my hometown crowd.? I canˇ?t even describe how excited I am just to hear my name announced and bust through the curtain at the start of the meet!

Today we are having practice in McKale, signifying one of our last steps of preparation.? We are going to go through all of our routines, practicing adjusting to the lights, equipment, and arena atmosphere.? After today, we are going to have one more practice on Thursday and then it is time for competition!? This Friday, January 11th, at 7:30pm we will be competing against NC State and Alaska.? I hope you will all be there, ready to cheer and be loud!?

See you then!






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