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GymCat Blog: Miranda "Jo" Russell
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 12, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Oct. 12, 2010

Hi GymCat Fans!
Fall finally feels here: the 100 degree temperatures are waning, midterms are coming, routines are being put together, and we're all in a constant state of sore and sorer muscles!  The team is doing amazing, and all of the new faces on the team are simply adding to the positive atmosphere. The team is so young, and the excitement and work ethics have been contagious.
One of our new additions is our assistant coach, Randi.  She has been such an incredible influence, and has pushed us all to be so much better already.  Although we may not have been prepared for such a new dancing style, everyone has been working hard and loving it (soreness, bruises, and scrapes incurred included.)  Seeing all of the new routines makes every one of us that much more anxious for season and to see the end results. 
As for now, we are working hard in the gym and in weights to get us prepared for season.  The schedules seem to only get busier, but the team is thriving on the work load.  The coaches are more ambitious than I've personally experienced in years, and the girls are getting ready to live up.  It looks like it's going to be an amazing year, and it's only October.  We hope to see you all in the gym soon; it's been a pleasure having some of the alumni stop in lately including Suzanne Alvey, Jamie (Duce) Quintero, Jessamyn Salter, Erin (Muirhead) Maimone, Jamie Holton, Sarah Tomczyk, and Danielle (Hicks) McAfee.  Seeing you all is a great reminder of the support we have from the GymCat family.
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