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2005 Lute Olson All-Star Classic Lexus*Infiniti Shootout Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 15, 2005
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“This is a great opportunity for all of the guys to get together. They really look forward to coming back and you can see the kind of camaraderie that they have on the court, regardless if they played on the early teams or recently. They are good friends and they are proud to be involved with Arizona Basketball.”


“It was great to see the turnout of fans even though the weather wasn’t great, but it was a really nice turnout, a good day and a fun time was had by all.”


“It was great to have an opportunity to retire Jason Gardner’s jersey because he is a team guy and has been a team guy his entire life. With the number of minutes that Jason played throughout his four years here, that’s an indication of how important he was to the team for all four years.”


“We tried to [retire his jersey] last year but he had to report to his team in Belgium. It worked out great this year because a lot of his family was here.”



Player Quotes


Jason Gardner

“It’s a big honor (having his jersey retired). It was an honor to play for Coach (Olson). He made me a better player and a better man. It was fun to come out and play with guys the older guys.  It was great to play with the guys.”


“The game was fun. (Tom) Tolbert is a classic, and with Gilbert (Arenas) and JT (Jason Terry) going back and forth, it was fun to watch.”


“I keep in touch with Gil (Arenas), Richard (Jefferson) and Channing (Frye) over the course of the year.”


Tom Tolbert

On Being a Wildcat

“Its great, getting to play with all these guys from two years ago and from ten years ago. We are like a family, they are all the types of guys that you would want to have on your team. You can tell about the level of respect for Lute (Olson) since they are all wanting to come back and play.”


“Its great, the young crowd has passed me. I told the younger crowd that ten years ago I could have kept up. I see Gil (Arenas), Luke (Walton) because of his dad, since my commentary gets me to different cities.”


Richard Jefferson

“You get a chance to come back and play out there. It was the first time I’ve been back and playing out there in about five years.”


“I was just having fun out there. I don’t get chance to do some of those things in a game because if I did, my coach would kill me. It’s fun to play with Gil (Arenas), Steve (Kerr) and Sean (Elliott).  It’s the first time we’ve been on the court together.”

Pete Williams

“Awesome, its great. (I feel the) same way we all feel. It’s a testament to the program and where it stands on a national level. We have nothing but respect for Coach (Olson).”


Sean Elliott

“It was a lot of fun. The last time I played organized, well somewhat organized basketball, was the last time (2003 Lute Olson All-Star Classic). Its fun to come out and play with the guys.”


“It used to be that all of us (players) would make any excuse to get together. But now, the University does it for us, and that’s a really good thing.”


Gilbert Arenas

“You miss what you have here. College fans are different than pro fans. (In regards to the college fans) When you run out on with the crowd yelling, you get chills down your back. College years are the best years of your career.”

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