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Baseball Alums Head Back To Campus
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 20, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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            TUCSON, Ariz. - The Arizona baseball program will welcome back its former players this weekend for the Jim Click Alumni Game. Game time for the event is set for 12:30 p.m. at Jerry Kindall Field at Frank Sancet Stadium. The program will honor the 50-year reunion of the 1956 CWS runner-up team, the 30-year reunion of the national champion 1976 team, the 25-year reunion of the 1981 team and the 20-year reunion of the 1986 national championship squad.


Gates open at 11 a.m. and fans will able to enjoy the new-look Kindall Field as the players warm up and seek autographs from the alumni and the current squad for about an hour. At noon a home run hitting competition between the alumni and the 2006 Cats will precede the seven inning exhibition game between the two squads. Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno will guide the alumni squad as this year’s guest manager.


“I’m looking forward to this weekend,” head coach Andy Lopez said. “It’s a great chance for all of the individuals and teams that helped make Arizona baseball what it is get recognized. I also think it’s important for our current team to have a chance to see what you can get out of a program like this.


“The group that comes back can share an insight into what it takes to be successful not only on the baseball field, but in life too. There are some that have made a pretty good living in baseball, but there are many others that have taken advantages of opportunities outside the game as well.”


The events on Sunday are a culmination of a weekend of activities planned for the returning alums. Friday night, after the annual golf tournament, the group will gather for a banquet and reception hosted by the Arizona athletic department. The group will then meet up again on Saturday at a local restaurant to watch the Arizona basketball game on television. Prior to heading out to the field on Sunday, the athletic department and the Shoeless Joe Committee will host a brunch for all of the players participating.


Alumni That Will Be Heading Back To Campus

Frankie Acosta 1995
Brian Anderson 2001-03
George Arias 1993
Peter Arrigoni 1956
Edward Baron 1959
Barry Bernstein 1962
Troy Bradford 1990
Jim Bright 1956
Jordan Brown 2003-05
David Carley 1985-86
Wess Chambers 1956
Gerald Coppola 1956
Trevor Crowe 2003-05
Jack Davis 1954-56
Lance Dickson 1988-90
Clarke Duncan 1949-50
Shelly Duncan 1999-2001
Matt Encinas 1957-59
Scott Engle 1984-86
Joe Estes 1984-86
David Flatt 1973-76
Ryan Frace 1993-95
Chris Frey 2003-05
Dick Griesser 1954-55, 1958
Chip Hale 1984-87
John Hardy 2002-04
Bob Hart 1952
Brad Hassey 1999-2002
Ron Hassey 1974-76
Gil Heredia 1986-87
Jeff Hird 1986
Albert Hovagian 1956-58
Jack Howell 1983
Nick Hundley 2003-05
Don Hyman 1979-80 or 1956
Jerry Kindall Head Coach 1973-96
Jason Klonoski 1987-88
Bruce Larson 1949
Don Lee 1954-56
Eddie Leon 1965-67
Nyal Leslie 1966
Dick Little 1956
Lance Long 1961-63
Al Lopez 1975-76
Bill Maxwell 1958
Richard McAnally 1953
John Meloan 2003-05
Harry Messick 1956-58
Jacob Mohler 1996-98
Francisco Moraga 1952-54
Burdette Morago 1959
Willie Morales 1991-93
Lee Myers 1954-56
Dick Nixon 1956-59
Ernie Oosterveen 1954-56
Dick Oxnam 1951
Mike Paul 1966
Steve Powers 1974-76
Danny Powers 1979-81
David Quick 1997
Pat Reilly 2002-04
Bill Reynolds 1962-63
Benny Rincon 1952-55
Dave Rohde 1986
Bud Schoenberg 1961-63
Mike Senne 1985-86
Dave Shermet 1985-88
Bill Simpson 1975-76
Craig Sorenson 1955-57
Dave Stegman  1973-76
Steve Strong 1984-87
Dave Taylor 1985-86
Mike Thorell 1987-88
Rich Tomey 1994
Tom Tomooka 1954-56
Aaron von Lindern 2005
Ed Vosberg 1980-83
Bernard Weinstein 1946-49
Jim Wing Pitching Coach , 1973-92, 1996
Robert Woodside 1975-78
Don Zimmerman 1976
Chuck Zopfi 1976, 78

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