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Head Coach Joan Bonvicini Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Post Red-Blue Game quotes

On the rebounding effort:
"We are going to be much stronger this year inside. Liz (Pickney), LaKeisha Taylor and Tatum (Brown) rebounded very well for us tonight. We have talked about this all pre-season, being strong on the boards and getting second chances. There is an emphasis on that everyday in practice. We were weak in that area last year, but I think that we are going to be improved an awful lot there this year.

On the play of Tysell Bozeman: "I am very happy for Tysell. It has been a year since she has been in the spotlight. She played in the Red-Blue game, but I don't think that she really had a chance to shine in that game. Now, a year later, her confidence level is way up, and she knows what we expect. I think that tonight is only going to be a glimpse of what we will see from her this year.

"The Blue team did a very nice job tonight, especially its guards. They looked for each other, and played very well on defense. The white team did not play as well, though. We did not get a lot of scoring from the perimeter (players).

"Krista Warren, who is going to be a very good college freshman player, looked like a freshman tonight. Sometimes, when you go out there and are under the lights for the first time, you play a little like a freshman. Monika Crank is much better than she played tonight, but it has been a year since she has played, so she was a little off. We had a scrimmage yesterday, though, and she and Lisa were hitting everything. It will come to them."

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