Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Jan. 15, 2004

Final Stats

ARIZONA HEAD COACH Joan Bonvicini QUOTES -- "They let them play, but it was a hack-fest. Someone asked me what I was going to do this weekend and I asked what time mass was."

"Obviously it was a battle. It was a huge game, especially coming off the loss. We came out and fought... I could tell we would by our practices this week."

"Give SC's defense some credit, they battled back."

"Shannon [Hobson], Linda [Pace] and Danielle [Adefeso] gave good minutes."

"This was a really good win after a tough loss."

"We would get a lot of open shots. We shot the ball well."


"Now facing UCLA, they have excellent guards, quick guards. I'm glad we have a day off to go over things."

"Shannon [Hobson] is coming into her own. She's not thinking so much. She got thrown into the fire early on."

"CoCoa [Stanford] didn't play as much, because it was a more physical game. You'll see a lot more of her against UCLA."

"I told [Natalie Jones] to go to the basket more. She's also an excellent defensive player."

"There are lots of positive things to work on. Overall we knew it'd be a battle."


"We waited way too long to start playing, for whatever reason way too long. We didn't shoot the ball well."

"They out-hustled and out-worked us for 30 minutes. We took a lot of contact. I thought we took more contact than what was called."

"Things you have to look at, when they shot 65% and only scored 75 points, is that we limited their shots. But we were a day late and a dollar short, and with the kind of defense, we play you can't be a day late and a dollar short."

"We were very sluggish. We were very slow, we weren't ourselves."

"We have a bad rep [for physical play], but a lot of contact is created by the offense trying to get rid of us. It looks physical, but all we do is take your space away."

"We didn't give the effort to beat Arizona at home. They were quick, and we haven't faced that much quickness before."


Sophomore center Shawntinice Polk -- "It was a very physical game. We knew how USC plays coming into the game. We were able to fight through and got the win, and that is all that matters."

"They fought tough, we fought tough. They banged, we banged. The tripped us, we tripped them back."

"Everybody was hitting their shots for us. When other teams double down low, it leaves our wing players open. It is like they pick their poison."

"Dee-Dee (Wheeler) and Natalie (Jones) ran the press well. We worked hard on putting pressure tonight."

"Coach Bonvicini told us after the game to imagine if we took care of the ball what the score would have been."

"We like to run, but when you constantly turn the ball over it gets you tired. I'm glad we got the win."

"We need to cut down on our turnovers. UCLA will come out strong on Saturday. We can't afford to have 36 turnovers in any game."

Junior guard Dee-Dee Wheeler --

"There was a lot of scratching. I'm tired from this game. It was a very intense game. It became intense at the end of the game."

"USC put pressure on us. We didn't have a problem with the pressure, we were just tired and didn't adjust to the pressure."

"It is great to see that the turnovers didn't hurt us tonight. That means we are doing other things well."

"We knew USC is a team that plays similar to ASU, which is physical and in-your-face."

"We really tried to play hard from the jump. We played a good first half. We knew they were a second-half team. Our first-half lead gave us a nice cushion."

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