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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 2/15/2007
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 16, 2007
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes


On USC’s defense leading to turnovers

“USC did a great job pressuring the ball.  Obviously, the difference in the game was the turnovers.  Some of those turnovers were because of their defense, but some were just obviously our fault.  There were times when it seemed that we could not get a handle on it.”


“The defense had a lot to do with the turnovers.  But some of the turnovers are hard to explain.  I cannot explain them and I cannot explain them because 14 of the 16 turnovers were from our most veteran players.”


“There is not much I can say other than that you cannot turn the ball over 16 times and beat a good team like USC.”


“The one’s that kill you are the unforced turnovers, but I think most of the turnovers were due to good defense.  We tried to penetrate before we were free from the defense and that hurt us.  The thing we tell them is that when you are playing a good defensive team, you have to be more patient because you are not going to get that good shot off on the first three passes.  We made mistakes with the ball.”


On the play of Nick Young and Lodrick Stewart

“Offensively, we shot it well (50 percent), but we could not stop (Nick) Young and (Lodrick) Stewart.  It becomes a match up problem when they have one big guy on the court and Ivan (Radenovic) has to step out and guard somebody on the perimeter.  But yet, that is something that Ivan needs to do for us.  He has enough experience and size.  We need to be able to use him and Jordan (Hill).”


“They (USC) hit some big shots.  We scored the first five possessions of the second half, but the problem was that we could not stop it on their half of the court.  Stewart hit a big time three on us and I do not think it was the case where he had a great look, but he just made the shot.”


“When they needed to step up, they stepped up.  They took us off of the dribble.  One of our main points of emphasis all the time is to keep the ball out of the middle.  W gave up eight middle drives in the first half and eight middle drives in the second half.  You just cannot do that because if they get to the middle, they have too many options.”


On the play of Jordan Hill

Jordan did a good job of challenging shots early.  I do not know if it is because of the respiratory problem, but he did not seem like he was doing that later as he was early in the game.”


On preparing for Saturday against UCLA

“The biggest thing for us now is to get ready for Saturday.  We cannot do anything about this.  I thought the crowd was fantastic and they have been great all year long.  They could not have worked harder for us than they did tonight.  But now, we just have to take care of the basketball on the court to get a team like UCLA.”


“The biggest thing is after a loss, the confidence goes down.  That is not the time that we get on them about things.  It is very simple, we just have to take better care of the basketball and we have to pay more attention mentally to the things that the other team does.  We just made mistakes.”


On the play of Arizona as a team

“The fact that we shot the ball well and we beat them on the glass is encouraging.  But when you lose, stats become the thing you look at.  They did a much better job defensively on the ball than we did.  They were quicker and they utilized that quickness.”


On Marcus Williams

“That is not like Marcus to have seven turnovers.  He usually does a good job of taking care of the ball.  But when things like that happen to you, you really have to give credit on the defensive end.”


Arizona Player Quotes


Freshman Forward Chase Budinger


“We had them down and they came right back and hit shots in our face.  When we have the momentum we have to keep it.”


“USC’s whole emphasis is on defense.  They tried to be physical with us from the start and played a lot of man-to-man.  They’re just a better defensive team.”



Sophomore Forward Marcus Williams


“Chase (Budinger) got a dunk, and I thought ?'okay, we can really step on their throats now.’”


“We shot (54 percent) from the field.  I don’t know what else you can do shooting the ball.  We just can’t turn it over that much.”


On Saturday’s matchup with UCLA:

“It’s a game that will get your blood flowing.  UCLA is always a big game, and great players have to step up.  There is going to be a gym full of them, so we have to see who steps up.”


Junior Guard Jawann McClellan


“After the game, Coach (Olson) didn’t get on us too much.  He told us to keep our heads up and to cut down on the turnovers for the next game.”


“I thought we were going to win it.  USC kept fighting and hit some big shots with hands in their faces.”


“We have to do a good job of containing (UCLA on the defensive end).  They’re going to be just like USC.”


Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur


“We just have to take away the good things from this game and come out ready for the next one.”


On the game’s officiating:

“Another reporter just asked me about that.  Nothing you can do about it.  If the calls don’t go your way, then they don’t go your way.”


“Without a doubt (I thought we were going to win), we were up five or seven points with three, four minutes left.  I thought it was in our grasp.”


On his four years here:

“It’s been great.  I’ve had a lot of support here over the four years.”


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