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Courtside Conversations ? Nov. 21, 2006
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 21, 2006
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As children, many of us would enjoy watching a comforting episode of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.”  Each day, the quirky little man would don his cardigan sweater and sing a song.  The words went something like, “won’t you be my neighbor?”  Well, Mr. Rogers would love the neighborly feel of the 2006-2007 University of Arizona Women’s Basketball Team.


Enter twin sisters Rheya and Rhaya Neabors.  The freshman forwards from Fullerton, Calif., have added depth, hustle and enthusiasm to a squad desperately in need of such.  All of the sudden, the Wildcats are full of good “Neabors.”


Rheya is listed at 6-foot-1 and was a California all-state selection during her junior and senior seasons.  Rhaya was an all-county selection for two seasons while their team at Troy High School, last year, finished 33-1.  Not a bad pedigree, and it’s worn with grace and humility by both players.


The Wildcats spent last weekend participating in a tournament hosted by top-ranked Maryland.  After a close loss to No. 25 George Washington, and a respectable defeat at the hands of the Terps, it was time for Arizona to get serious.  The team needed to beat TCU in order to come home with a 2-2 record.  The twins did their part.  Rhaya hit key three-point shots and Rheya was posted-up under the basket to secure important rebounds.  It seemed like they were everywhere. Then again, when two players are identical, so it does seem like they’re everywhere.


The Neabors play like seniors and carry themselves like champions.  They don’t get rattled and aren’t easily intimidated.  They’re the work-horses that every successful team needs.  They’re not always flashy but they do the little things right.  They’re the kind of players that go about their business and at the end of the day, sleep well over an honest day’s work.


This weekend, the Neabors twins will be at it again.  ACC powerhouse North Carolina State invades Tucson on Friday and then it’s back on the road for games at UTEP and Texas A&M.  While Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was always warm and friendly, Wildcats fans hope that the Neabors won’t be as cordial. 


Rheya and Rhaya don’t wear old sweaters or visit with imaginary people.  Their job isn’t to make children smile or present a comforting exterior.  But when the twins are on the floor one thing is certain; we’re all glad that Rheya and Rhaya are our Neabors!


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Paul Johnson


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