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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/24/2007
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 25, 2007
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes


On Marcus Williams

“Marcus is out of tonight’s game because of a violation of a team rule.  He will be back on Saturday.”


On Jordan Hill stepping in for Williams

“Tonight was a great opportunity for Jordan Hill to get a start.  He got a lot of minutes and I’m sure gain a lot of confidence, so that was great.”

“I have said this from the start, he is going to be a really, really good player.  He has only played two years of high school ball, so he has a lot to learn. But the thing is that the guy is like a sponge.  Everyday in practice, there is never a case where you are talking about something and you look at him and he is not right there with you.  He has a great work ethic, great personality, and the guys love him.”

“I think this game will help him a great deal with confidence.”


On Jawann McClennan

“It was good to see Jawann get his touch back on his three’s.”

“We had a good talk and I just told him that ?'hey, you are a shooter, just keep shooting.  The only way that you are going to mess your shot up is if you think too much about it. If you catch the ball ready to shoot it, if the shot is there, shoot it.  If it’s not there, pass it.’”

“He was like a baseball player that was in a slump.  The one thing you can’t do when you are a shooter is start thinking about whether you are going to make the shot or not.  It is just like a man at the free throw line.  If you have any doubt in your mind that you are going to hit the free throw, you are probably not going to.”

“We had a good talk and I just told him, ?'we need you.’  He has a great shot.  He shot the ball with a lot of confidence I think.”

“We did not have him practice the either day.  We had him go through just a couple of things yesterday on the adjustments.”


On Mustafa Shakur

“Mustafa did a great job providing leadership.”


On the team’s defense

“I thought the defense was great.  Our guys did a great job, particularly with Jordan Hill in the middle of that zone.”

“Coming into the game, we were trying to keep the ball out of (Jeff) Pendergraph’s hands.  It has been hard for teams to do that and I think that both of his field goals were offensive rebounds.  He did not get many touches.”


On Mohamed Tangara

“He has always said that he is going to keep working until he gets his chance.  I thought he did a great job.”

“He caught an elbow in the head.  He is over at UMC right now getting an MRI and we won’t know what his status is until tomorrow.”


On Chase Budinger

“Chase had a really good all-around game.  The things that we have been telling him now are that he is no longer a freshman.  We want him to be aggressive, because good things happen when the ball is in his hands.”

“I thought his all-around game was excellent.  He had five of our 11 offensive rebounds.  He really did a nice job with pursuing the ball.  I thought he played really aggressive, and much more aggressive defensively too.  It was the case where he was out on that shooter quickly and really did a solid job.”


Lute’s thoughts about the crowd

“The crowd was great.  We will need that to continue for the North Carolina game.”


On the play of ASU

“I thought that they stayed very patient to get the open shot.  They had a hard time getting it, to the point where a lot of times the clock was running out or getting ready to run out.”

“I thought Coach Herb Sendek made two really good adjustments at half time.  We had been tearing that 1-2-2 zone up and killing them in the corners and they were having a hard time covering that.  But he switched to a 2-3 zone in the second half so that he could get better baseline coverage.  Then it was a matter of our getting our wing’s into the gaps instead of in the corner and getting Ivan Radenovic up in the high post area.  Then, they sort of threw out the zone offense they tried to run in the first half and got Serge Angounou up in the high post.  That created a problem for us for awhile.”

“It’s difficult when you struggle with the shots the way they are.  But I’ve been impressed with their recruiting.  I think it is just a matter of time, he has a good class coming in next year.”


Arizona Player Quotes


Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur


On what happened last year at North Carolina:

“That was last year.  This year is a different year ?- a different team and a different year.”


On the play of Jordan Hill:

“With him starting it gave him a boost in confidence and he played well.”


“We kinda did [know Marcus Williams would not play tonight].  We were fortunate to have a guy like Jordan to emerge for us tonight.”


“After the game I told Ivan [Radenovic] and Daniel [Dillon] that we did a great job of moving the ball, and we need to keep that going next game.”


Freshman Forward Chase Budinger


North Carolina is going to be a tough game.  They have a ton of athletes and each guy on their team is a great player.  Our mentality has to be that it is going to be a tough game.”


Jordan did a heck of a job.  He played with a lot of intensity, did a good job on the defensive end and on the offensive end he dunked the ball.”


“I still think I can improve [my shooting].  I know I had some shots tonight that I should have made.”


Freshman Forward Jordan Hill


“Tonight I played hard.  Played better and good defense.  I need to play better defense.  North Carolina is a good team and we need to come out strong.”


Junior Guard Jawann McClellan


“Coach [Olson] told me that if I had an open look to shoot the ball.”


On Arizona’s team defense:

“We focused on that all week tried to over play [ASU].  We had some lapses, but played well for the most part.”


On facing North Carolina

“We can’t let what they have on their chest affect us.  We have Arizona on our chest, and we just have to come out and execute on Saturday.”


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