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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 10/26/2006
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 27, 2006
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“When looking at the official stats for (Mustafa) Shakur, the good news is that he had 13 assists, but the bad news is that he had six or seven turnovers,. Some of that has to with the lack of our forwards doing a good job of getting open and getting the ball.”


“Other than the turnovers, I’m very pleased with how Mustafa played. But I don’t think (turnovers) will be a problem for him in the season. Once we get the top guys playing together, the turnovers will begin to drop.”


(On Nic Wise in his first game), If he would have been playing with the veterans, you wouldn’t have seen the number of turnovers he ended up with. But I’m very pleased with his development.”


“I thought Mohamed (Tangara) played really hard. The things we need from him is rebounding and good, tough defense. With that he’s going to get some points off the glass and score points when other people penetrate. I thought he was the best of the big guys tonight.”


“Ivan (Radenovic) had a very strong game in all of its facets. A lot of the guys have been shooting the ball really well and I’m sure some of that had to due with the fact that it was their first time out in the uniforms. They were shooting with a lot of confidence.”


“The transition back on defense on the red team was horrible. We really didn’t get back in time and the big guys on the red were outplayed by Mohamed and Ivan. But they are fairly young guys; they just have to compete harder.”


On the freshmen:

“Practice is a lot different than when you are playing in front of a crowd with officials and they definitely showed that they were freshmen, but I still think we can still get some very good help from this bunch.”


Postgame Player Quotes


Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur


“So far, this season has been great.  I have unbelievable teammates, which makes my job that much easier.  But tonight, I had too many turnovers and I need to control the ball better.  Chase (Budinger) and Nic (Wise) both did well tonight, they fought and stuck with the game.  In the second half, I think we did a good job of executing and got ourselves into a good rhythm.  For the season, we are looking to move the ball better.”


Sophomore Guard J.P. Prince


 “Tonight was fun, but it is always tough in the beginning.  Of course, right now everybody wants to play and that is good, because there is a lot of competition on the team.  For the future, we need to focus on going out there and doing our jobs; tonight really helped us with that because we learned to play for the fans as well.  What separated this from practice is the endurance that we needed to play most of the game and the difference in how we needed to talk to each other.”


Sophomore Forward Mohamed Tangara


 “I just have a lot of technical skills to work on, like screening and finding the open guy.  So far, the team is doing well.  We sometimes get together to watch game film so that we can work better together on the court.”


Freshman Guard Nic Wise


 “It was a lot of fun out there. Everyone knows that I hate losing. It was fun playing in front of the fans. I love to feed off the crowd a lot. I think that we did really well and that we can stand up to our ranking. I think that we will be a lot better than last year and make a run in the tournament.”


 “Our full court defense need to improve before anything else comes along.  Arizona is everything that I expected and this is a long time coming, since I committed here as a freshman.  But I just hate losing and I really wanted to find a way for our team to win tonight.”


Junior Guard Jawann McClellan


 “We just need to stop fouling. We can’t give up easy points. It’s the first game for everybody and we had no subs so we just had to man up and that’s way we did tonight.”


 “It felt good to get out there with on my mom’s birthday and play as hard as I could. I went out there to play as hard as I could but to still play within the team. I just wanted to get out there and get a victory. Everybody is battling for minutes right now.”


On the seniors

“Staf (Shakur) is one of the best point guards in the country. Ivan (Radenovic) has been really good so far. We lost some of our key players and now there is a big load to pick up.”


 “It was fun with my mom in the front row. I just wanted to play hard and to play well. It was nice to see all the fans out here today. I can’t make any excuses about my knee. I still have a lot of work to do.”


Freshman Forward Chase Budinger


 “The whole day was a new experience. The coaches wanted us to act like it was a really game. We woke up and had a shoot around in the morning and then we had a pregame meal in the afternoon. It was a like a real game.”


 “The transition has been tough. College is a completely different game. It is much more physical and I’m just trying to work my way in. The practices are really tough. We practice six days a week and we work out in the morning and then in the afternoon we practice for three hours. The practices are the toughest change. We go hard for three hours and the whole practice wears your body down. Hopefully it all pays off in the end.”

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