Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Kristina Baum's Player Diary from Arizona Volleyball?s Homestand Vs. Washington and WSU
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 01, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Since I am in a Contemporary American poetry class, I think I ought to practice my poetry. From now on, I’m writing in verse...


So we had a nice practice today.

Dominique just had her way.

She was hitting bombs, you can say,

Making our liberos pay.

All she could say was “Hey, hey, hey!”



Today I did the same radio show.

I was requested, so I had to go.

What can I say? They wanted mo’.

And of course, I couldn’t just say no.

As usual, they greeted me with a “Yo, yo”.

Domi and Bre got a more formal “Hello”.

We went on the air and did our promo.

It went pretty fast though.

Maybe just for me, because I’m usually slow.

Time for class. I got sko’.

(Get it? Sko’? School? You know?

Hey, even I was like “Wow, wow.”)


Tomorrow is the big night.

It’s going to be a dog and catfight.

Be careful, we’re going to claw and bite.

It might be an ugly sight.

You know what? Dave is right.

We’ll need to battle with all our might

And step our game up to a new height.

Follow the game plan and we’ll be alright.



Fight and energy, heart and soul. All that and more.

We put it all on the line, and left it out on the floor.

We got some bad calls, which caused an uproar.

The refing, tonight, was just plain poor.

For my team, whom I truly adore,

We showed how high we could really soar.

Although, that match hit us to the core,

We will see them again, and it’ll be an all out war.

They better be ready for what’s in store,

Because there will definitely be an encore.

Washington State we had to greet.

They couldn’t leave here, without getting beat.

I had 14 digs. Yeah! That’s that sheet!

Want to know who brought the most heat?

Amy did, almost landing me on my seat.

It was like running into a wall made of concrete.

Getting feeling back in my arm was my big feat.

I’m hungry. It’s time to eat.

Maybe Subway’s Chicken Parmesan, on wheat.

In the morning, we’ll support our cross-country meet.

Happy Halloween! Want a trick or a treat?


Next weekend, ASU is coming to town.

Angels go up. Devils go down. 

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