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1999 In The Rankings
Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
Release: 06/22/2004
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March 30, 1999 (Final Regular-Season Poll)

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-Utah; 4-Michigan; 5-LSU; 6-Penn State; 7-Nebraska; 8-Stanford; 9-Arizona State; 10-Florida; 11-Ohio State; 12-Oregon State; 13-Denver; 14-Maryland-College Park; 15-UCLA; 16-Iowa State; 17-Utah State; 18-Boise State; 19-Minnesota; 20-West Virginia; 21-Kentucky; 22-Oklahoma; 23-North Carolina State; 24-Brigham Young; 25-ARIZONA.

March 23, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-Utah; 4-Michigan; 5-LSU; 6-Penn State; 7-Arizona State; 8-Nebraska; 9-Ohio State; 10-Oregon State; 11-Florida; 12-UCLA; 13-Maryland-College Park; 14-Stanford; 15-Minnesota; 16-Iowa State; 17-Denver; 18-Oklahoma, Utah State; 20-West Virginia; 21-Kentucky; 22-Illinois-Chicago; 23-Boise State; 24-Illinois-Champaign; 25-North Carolina State; 33-ARIZONA.

March 16, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Michigan; 6-Penn State; 7-Nebraska; 8-Arizona State; 9-Ohio State; 10-Maryland-College Park; 11-Florida; 12-Utah State; 13-Oregon State; 14-UCLA; 15-Stanford; 16-Minnesota; 17-Oklahoma; 18-Kentucky; 19-Denver; 20-Iowa State; 21-West Virginia; 22-Illinois-Chicago; 23-North Carolina State; 24-Illinois-Champaign; 25-Towson; 31-ARIZONA.

March 9, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Penn State; 6-Michigan; 7-Arizona State; 8-Nebraska; 9-Maryland College Park; 10-Ohio State; 11-Minnesota; 12-Iowa State; 13-Oregon State; 14-West Virginia; 15-Florida; 16-Utah State; 17-Oklahoma; 18-UCLA; 19-Stanford; 20-Illinois-Chicago; 21-Illinois, Kentucky; 23-Denver; 24-North Carolina State; 33-ARIZONA.

March 2, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-Utah; 4-Penn State; 5-LSU; 6-Michigan; 7-Arizona State; 8-Nebraska; 9-Maryland-College Park; 10-Ohio State; 11-Oklahoma; 12-West Virginia; 13-Oregon State; 14-Minnesota; 15-Stanford; 16-Utah State; 17-UCLA; 18-Florida; 19-Illinois, 20-Iowa State; 21-Denver; 22-Kentucky; 23-Central Michigan; 24-North Carolina State; 25-Illinois-Chicago; 30-ARIZONA.

February 23, 1999

1-Alabama; 2-Georgia; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Michigan; 6-Penn State; 7-Nebraska; 8-Arizona State; 9-Stanford; 10-Minnesota; 11-UCLA; 12-West Virginia; 13-Oklahoma; 14-Oregon State; 15-Ohio State; 16-Denver; 17-Iowa State; 18-Florida; 19-Utah State; 20-Central Michigan; 21-Washington; 22-BYU; 23-Missouri; 24-Maryland College; 25-Illinois; 32-ARIZONA.

February 16, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Alabama; 3-LSU; 4-Utah; 5-Michigan; 6-Penn State; 7-Arizona State; 8-Minnesota; 9-Nebraska; 10-Stanford; 11-UCLA; 12-Oklahoma; 13-Denver; 14-Oregon State; 15-West Virginia; 16-Ohio State; 17-Florida; 18-Iowa State; 19-Utah State; 20-Washington; 21-Auburn; 22-BYU; 23-Missouri; 24-New Hampshire; 25-Central Michigan; 32-ARIZONA.

February 9, 1999

1-Alabama; 2-Georgia; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Michigan; 6-Penn State; 7-Stanford; 8-Minnesota; 9-Arizona State; 10-Nebraska; 11-UCLA; 12-West Virginia; 13-Florida; 14-Oklahoma; 15-Oregon State; 16-Denver; 17-Iowa State; 18-Ohio State; 19-Utah State; 20-BYU; 21-Central Michigan; 22-Illinois-Chicago; 23-Washington; 24-Kentucky; 25-Missouri; 35-ARIZONA.

February 2, 1999

1-Alabama; 2-Georgia; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Penn State; 6-Michigan; 7-Minnesota; 8-Stanford; 9-Arizona State; 10-UCLA; 11-Oklahoma; 12-Iowa State; 13-Nebraska; 14-Oregon State; 15-Ohio State; 16-Florida; 17-Denver; 18-Utah State; 19-Washington; 20-West Virginia; 21-Kentucky; 22-Illinois-Chicago; 23-Central Michigan; 24-Auburn; 25-New Hampshire; 33-ARIZONA.

January 26, 1999

1-Alabama; 2-Georgia; 3-Utah; 4-LSU; 5-Arizona State; 6-Michigan; 7-Penn State; 8-Minnesota; 9-UCLA; 10-Stanford; 11-Ohio State; 12-Illinois-Chicago; 13-Oregon State; 14-Iowa State; 15-Washington; 16-Denver; 17-Nebraska; 18-Florida; 19-Oklahoma; 20-Auburn; 21-ARIZONA; 22-Maryland-College Park; 23-Utah State; 24-Ball State; 25-Kentucky.

January 19, 1999

1-Georgia; 2-Utah; 3-Alabama; 4-Penn State; 5-LSU; 6-Ohio State; 7-Nebraska; 8-Florida; 9-Minnesota; 10-UCLA; 11-Illinois-Chicago; 12-Michigan; 13-Arizona State; 14-Ball State; 15-Southeast Missouri; 16-Stanford; 17-Maryland-College Park; 18-ARIZONA; 19-Washington; 20-Oklahoma; 21-Bowling Green; 22-Auburn; 23-Missouri; 24-Central Michigan; 25-New Hampshire.

Preseason Top-25 Coaches Poll

1-Georgia; 2-Florida; 3-UCLA; 4-Utah; 5-Alabama; 6-Arizona State; 7-Michigan; 8-Washington; 9-LSU; 10-Stanford; 11-Nebraska; 12-BYU; 13-Penn State; 14-West Virginia; 15-Oregon State; 16-ARIZONA;17-North Carolina State; 18-Minnesota; 19-Boise State; 20-Ohio State; 21-Iowa State; 22-Kentucky; 23-Utah State; 24-Michigan State; 25-Illinois.

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