Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Arizona Women?s Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 11 ? Rome
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 25, 2007
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By: Malia O’Neal

Ciao Wildcat fans!!

Today started out as usual...Suzy and Beatrice Bofia being late for the bus... Again!!  Unfortunately today is our last day in Italy, but you know how the old saying goes...”save the best for last.”  We started off with a guided tour of Rome and then walked through the Forum, which are Roman ruins.  Our guide showed us the pictures of the original forms of the buildings.  It was unbelievable how these kinds of structures could have been made centuries ago.  We walked ALL the way through the ruins with sweat dripping down our back and made our way to the Coliseum.  Outside the Coliseum we took pictures with some Gladiators and we flexed our muscles on them; they had nothing on us!! 

The Coliseum was amazing!!!  It was really old but I could only imagine what it looked like back in the day.  The Gladiators used to fight either man vs. man or man vs. beast.  The Coliseum could fit up to 50,000 people...its crazy they could build a structure that big so long ago.  As of now, they are restoring the floors of the Coliseum to give the tourists a better picture of what it used to look like.  I think I could fight a bull or something and WIN, yeah!!  No but really those Gladiators must have been crazy.

After the Coliseum, we headed off to lunch and had some great Mickey D’s...really McDonalds in Italy.  We then walked into the Pantheon which was also an amazing structure.  To build a perfect sphere not having any measuring tools...absolutely UNBELIVABLE!!  I’m pretty sure I could’ve done it though...just kidding J!!  Okay then we went to the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps.  Both were amazing sites; I dipped my head in the fountain and climbed the 5 billion zillion Spanish steps. 

After that we went on a journey...let’s just say it should’ve taken 20 minutes to get to the hotel and instead took us two hours.  Advice here: don’t follow Shannon!!  She had us walking all over Rome “pretending” she knew where she was going.  We probably walked to Phoenix and back.

Finally I got back to hotel and now I’m writing you!!  So now we are going to our “last super” of our Italy trip!!!     


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