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NCAA Sofbtall Super Regional - G1 Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 27, 2007
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NCAA Softball Championships - Tucson Super Regional ?- May 26, 2007

Game 1 ?- Cal State Fullerton (V) vs. Arizona (H)

May 26, 2007


Final: Arizona 11, CSF 6


Arizona Coach Mike Candrea


On falling behind 5-0 in the top of the first inning:

“I was wondering which team was out there (in the field). I hadn’t seen that team this year. It was a little scary, but I’m proud of the team. They grew up tonight.”


On completing the team’s largest comeback of the season:

“I think the Washington game a few weeks ago (UA trailed 4-1 before winning 5-4) was very helpful for us. It showed us that we have to compete every at-bat no matter what the score is. You have to believe you can score like the other team did.”


On what he told the team after falling behind:

“I told them they had to keep believing. If we could start hitting the ball and getting some runners on, we could get back in the game. I said, ?'if they (CSF) can score five runs, we can score five runs.’”


Arizona Shortstop Kristie Fox


On falling behind 5-0 in the top of the first inning:

“We came out flat; we didn’t come out prepared. They jumped on us right away, which surprised us because not a lot of teams do that. It really woke us up.”


Arizona Catcher Callista Balko


On her fourth-inning three-run homerun which was her first since April 21:

“It was amazing. It was long overdue for me, but it just felt so good to get the team going today. Hitting is contagious and we knew if we could just get one big hit then we would get back in the game.”


Arizona Pitcher Taryne Mowatt


On allowing five runs in the top of the first inning:

“I was a little shocked that I gave up five runs. On top of that, Caitlin was out. It was shocking, but I knew if I shut them down the rest of the way that our offense could put up some runs.”


Arizona Outfielder Adrienne Acton


On the play in the first inning when Caitlin Lowe injured herself running into the right-centerfield fence attempting to catch a fly ball:

“She goes all-out. I always tell her ?'fence! Fence!’ But, she doesn’t listen to me; she just goes for the ball.”


Cal State Fullerton Coach Michelle Gromacki


Opening Statement:

“Like I told the team, we came here to play ball not to shop. We have a lot of ball to play tomorrow, 14 innings. But we are well known and we are good at doing that so we will be ready.”


“We came out confident and certain with how we were playing. You can’t ever back down to a team like Arizona because they are going to take advantage of that. An error plus a walk equals a homerun.”


“When you get to this level you just can’t make mistakes. The momentum of the team drastically changed. I told the team to just keep attacking and don’t be passive in the box.”


CSF First Baseman Katie Gollhardt


“We knew that we had to come out here and jump on Taryne (Mowatt) in order to get ahead.”


“They kept us down and we tried to make a comeback in the seventh (inning) but it just wasn’t enough. We know we can do it.”


CSF Pitcher Candice Baker


Arizona has really good hitters and a good defense as well. We had a lot of errors and they took advantage of that. It you take away the errors it would have been a completely different ball game.”


“Tomorrow we are going to have to come out hear ready to go and I’m going to take it pitch by pitch; game by game.”