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On the Reruiting Trail with Coach Manning
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 08, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Oct. 8, 2010

TUCSON - University of Arizona Wildcat women's basketball assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Brandy Manning gives an inside look at the world of recruiting in collegiate women's basketball and the trend of recruiting today.

Q: What are some key elements that you look for in a potential student-athlete (PSA)?

A: We are looking for players who fit into what we are trying to do here, offensively and defensively. We want players who play our kind of basketball, which is up-tempo, and fit in with the chemistry we are building. We are looking for good people who work hard.

Q: What is the farthest you have travelled to visit with a PSA or watch a PSA play?

A: We'll go to the moon if need be, LOL. Since our arrival here at Arizona, we've recruited nationwide and have had success attracting players from different areas of the country. We're willing to go anywhere in search of future Wildcats.

Q: What are some of the most common questions you get from a PSA or their families?

A: The common question among PSAs and their families is about the weather. People who haven't been to Arizona have an impression that it's scorching HOT! What's interesting is when I inform them that in Tucson we enjoy 355 days a year of sunshine and blue skies, with an average of 88 degrees, they have a change in opinion. What's even better is when they experience it for themselves on a visit.

Q: What are a few factors that PSAs look at on campus and within the athletic department?

A: Some factors that PSAs look at while visiting Arizona are academics, athletic reputation and more details about their specific athletic team. PSAs and their families want to know if the university has their intended major and if it provides academic support for its student-athletes.

Q: What is a typical home visit with a PSA like?

A: The purpose of the home visit is to see the PSAs home and take a glimpse into where they are from. It allows us the chance to sit down face-to-face and meet with their families while sharing with them what the University of Arizona has to offer both academically and athletically. One of the most interesting home visits I have done was held in an IHOP because that was the PSAs favorite restaurant.

Q: What is a typical official on-campus visit with a PSA like?

A: On a weekend of an official visit for a PSA at the University of Arizona, it's pretty hectic but a lot of fun. They'll have the opportunity to meet with the people that will have an influence on them throughout their matriculation through college, like academic advisors, athletic trainers and other members of the support staff. They will also spend time with the team and coaching staff, and enjoy U of A's beautiful campus.

Q: With the direction technology is going these days, what is your biggest tool in recruiting? Websites, social media, YouTube?

A: They all play a major part in recruiting today. We use everything from the U of A website, Twitter, Facebook and email to get our message and product out to PSAs.

Q: When a PSA chooses to join the Arizona Wildcats, is there a common theme or reason why?

A: The common theme for PSAs that chose Arizona is the family atmosphere and the PSA's relationship with the coaches and team; Arizona's academic reputation; the beauty and weather in Tucson and on campus; and the opportunity to be a part of something special while having an opportunity to establish a legacy.

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