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Arizona Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Dec. 2, 2001

Arizona Head Coach:
Joan Bonvicini

"Our team didn't play with intensity. When Julie (Brase) got injured, we started playing hard, inspired, aggressive basketball. Unfortunately it took something like that for our team to respond. We need to play hard for the full 40 minutes."

"We started falling apart with two minutes left in the game. It looked like we became rattled out there on the floor and that hasn't happened to us at all this year."

"I was very impressed with our freshmen. Robin (Roberson) played extremely well. She is a great scorer and I think she gained some of her confidence back today. Dee- Dee (Wheeler) is a great ball-player. She plays hard and always finds a way to contribute."


On the 1-and-1 free throw attempt...

"That was a very bad play for our team. Our kids need to be alert at all times during the game. There is no excuse for that happening. No one on the floor knew what was going on. I didn't see anyone signal for a one-and- one. The play wasn't made clear to us and shouldn't have happened."

"This was a very disappointing loss for us. After starting the season 3-0 and beating some quality teams we need to work harder to get back on track. We got our character tested out there in this tournament. We need to show up and play hard game in and game out. Everyone needs to step up their game."

Pittsburgh Coach Quotes
Traci Waites

"All I can tell you is that we both played hard. My thoughts go out to Julie Brase."

"Before the game, we always say at Pittsburgh when the team wanted it more than me, we'd start winning. One of our kids said, 'Let's do it for Coach Waites.'" Our kids rode off with enthusiasm. We came to win the tournament or win a game. I didn't want us to go home empty-handed."

"I shed tears throughout the game. With Joan (Bonvicini) being my former coach and boss, it would be emotional either way."

"Our kids were in tune to the game. We weren't scared. We play hard for 40 minutes. Not one minute went by without us playing hard. With everyone in tune, I knew, the bench knew, everyone knew that we could win."

"Both sides had a lot to play for. I am just grateful that we won."

"We expected them to play hard and press. It's about composure, and our kids played until the buzzer sounded."

"A lot of things happened with the turn of events. We were up 14 points before Brase got hurt. After the 10 minute break, they got their run from their teammate's inspiration."

Senior Elizabeth Pickney

On Julie Brase getting hurt
"We really came together when Julie (Brase) went down. We started to play well together. She was the inspiration for our team."

"Turnovers were a big key in this game. Also, if I would have made the last lay up, we would have won the game. When I took the shot, I wasn't squared when I shot it. I should of taken my time."

"In the first half, I was cold and not shooting well. Luckily for me it was just the first half and not the entire game. In the first half I was focusing on not getting any turnovers. I committed turnovers in the first half because I wasn't scoring. I came into the second half with a different mentality."

"This team is a young team. We played like a young team tonight. We played in spurts. As a team, we weren't as ready as we should have been. As a senior, I should of gotten the team ready before the game, not during."

Freshman Robin Roberson
"I did expect to have some minutes tonight. With Candice (Allen) out of the game, I knew I had to step up my game."

On the refs one and one call
"The ref said that it was a one and one shot. The other ref said that it was a two shot free throw. We were all confused. The only person that knew what was going on was (Bettina) Love on the other team. That had a major effect on us later on."

Freshman Dee-Dee Wheeler
"We have to learn to play every game with the same intensity. I knew that I was going to step it up tonight. I knew when Julie (Brase) went down that we were all going to have to be more aggressive. In highschool, when you go to the other team on defense, they have a lot of turnovers. This team was more aggressive then that. We knew that we going to have to keep the same mentality and not have as many turnovers. The whole team had turnovers tonight. We tried to rush the shot. We need to relax and dribble out of the pressure defense."

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