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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 2/19/2011
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 19, 2011
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Feb. 19, 2011

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Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

"Obviously, I have to give a big thank you to our fans. I think we would have probably lost by about ten or fifteen if we didn't have the crowd behind us. I've seen a lot of white-outs as a coach, but never have I seen a total white-out. If there was someone wearing a color, I didn't see it. That was fourteen thousand and five hundred white shirts. I really can't say enough about our fans. They all come here to be a part of something that is so special, and we really appreciate their support. The crowd was a big reason four the win."

"Washington is a hard playing, very physical and talented team, and we did not have a lot of easy answers for them. Isaiah Thomas up top is an extremely talented player. In the country, there are probably only three or four points guards better."

"We scored a lot, but we didn't score the same way. Washington switched up the screens, and screened us a lot. They came into today with a great plan, and it was just a hard fought win for us. I think it was more about resilience than it was execution."

"Rebounding was definitely the key today. Washington is the number one team in the conference in rebounding, and the cat's really out of the bag now. If we can out rebound them, then we can do it to anyone."

"We had some pretty tough turnovers, but a lot of second shots that came in at key times."

"Derrick Williams really hung in there for us, even when the call didn't go his way. At the very end of the game, he stepped up when we needed him most and got that block."

"On the road to a championship, it's definitely about resilience and effort, than it is the coaches drawing up the prefect play. Our players stepped up, and this crowd really fueled that from the beginning. McKale Center really started and finished the game, and in the middle, we did our best. It wasn't just one guy who played well, but it was the team as a whole. Washington is a physical, extremely well-coached team, and it took a lot of effort, and some good luck. We are very fortunate to get this win."

Arizona Player Quotes

Derrick Williams

On his block toward the end of the game:
"Coach was like if they get close to the basket, don't foul. There was like three seconds left he was just like they are going to shoot it. Be ready to get the rebound and try to block it and it was going up so just try to block it and I did. When I was going up that's when he first released the ball. I just tapped it perfectly and luckily they didn't call goaltending. I believe if we were at Washington they might have called it goaltending but good thing we were at home."

On whether he's staying or entering the draft:
"With games like that it makes me want to stay. I came in with all four guys. That's all I can say."

On the win:
"It's a great feeling right now we are in first place and we might be a top 10 team. From where we came in the goal was to be a top 10 team and get a high seed. I speak for all of us it was a great win but we can't sit on this win going into next week. We have two great teams coming up, USC and UCLA."

On the Washington travel late into the game:
"I kind of stopped and waited for the whistle but it had already been blown. He does that up and under move a lot and I was just waiting on it. He got a travel like that earlier in the game."

Solomon Hill

On the inbounds pass toward the end of the game:
"It was kind of a miscommunication between me, coach and Momo. I went to go deep but he wanted to set up a play. At the end result we got the W. But after that play we both thought we should have thrown it deep and put it in someone's hands to throw it up, but it came down to Mo just wanting to get the ball and it bounced off his leg. At least we got some time off the clock."

On his two points to take the lead:
"I saw MoMo try to get a screen, once he was able to get a screen I knew he was going to drive and J.P. (Jesse Perry) was in the corner. I know J.P. likes to drive but then they did a pick and roll so I just stayed on the block. When you get situations like that, my man was looking at the ball wasn't paying attention to me so I stayed at the block and Jesse drove and I was able to get the tip."

On the NCAA tournament:
"The rest of the Pac-10 season really sets that up. We still have major games coming up. The last two home games were big for us but the next two games are what we are concentrating on and what we are looking forward to. Once we get done with the Pac-10 season then we can think and move forward to the tournament but right now we still have the Pac-10 play and that's our tournament."

On the game:
"It's the kind of games that fans expect just like our start, home crowd gets you going. Once we got going it was kind of hard to knock us off. That's what Arizona does if you look at past games. That's what the atmosphere has been like it was great to see everyone come out like that."

Jesse Perry

On the atmosphere:
"I've never played in a game like this before, type of crowd we had and type of team we played. It was a physical game and came down to the last seconds. I was just hoping we would get the tip and Derrick got the block and we got the W."

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