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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 2/3/2007
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 03, 2007
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes


On Jordan Hill

“It makes such a difference to have Jordan out there. His presence inside made a huge difference.”


“He had five blocks, but we had ten more shots just with his presence. When he goes up and gets a rebound, he is really very strong with the ball.  It is pretty hard to get him outreached.”


On Ivan Radenovic

“Ivan did a really good job of doing what we needed to have done on the defensive end.”


On the overall play of the team

“This was a team win.  For example, Marcus (Williams) only took two shots in the second half, but he had six assists and no turnovers.  That is a team game.  The overall spirit of the team was high coming into the game.”


“This was a good team win and a great effort on both ends of the court.  Guys that we targeted to stop, I think we did a good job.  (Ryan) Appleby is a good three-point shooter and he had a hard time getting looks.  The inside game with (Spencer) Hawes and (Jon) Brockman, I thought overall we did a good job of bringing in the double when we needed it.”


“We had five guys in double figures and the one starter that did not get double figure points had eight assists.  It makes such a difference if you get open shots and make shots.  Today, we made shots.  We did a better job of letting the game come to us rather than forcing it.”


On Jawann McClellan

“Jawann can come off of the bench and bring a spark.  He was a huge factor offensively today.”


“I talked with him and told him that a spark off of the bench is exactly what we need.  He is the guy that can obviously give that to us.  He is a team guy.  He wants to help in any way that he can help.  He is going to get several minutes.  The only reason he did not get that many today is because we wanted to rest the knee as much as possible.”


On the role of the bench players

“We need some kind of a spark when we go to the bench, and Jawann did that.  He is happy doing that because he knows that he is an emotional guy that can get other people going him.  I told him that he needs to be our Jason Terry off of the bench.  Today, I thought he came in and really did a good job for us.”


“Bret (Brielmaier) played very well in the first half.  He made a huge difference and gave us an opportunity to rest Ivan before he tired.”


“We need to have two post players in there.  Now that Bret is back to where he is pretty healthy, I think he will be another spark for us to pull off of the bench.”


“We also have Daniel (Dillon) if there is a case where we need to get him in defensively.”


On the crowd

“The crowd was great again, and it has been all year long.  It is great to see so many loyal fans.  Their enthusiasm has been there all of the time and it has helped us with the home court advantage.”


On the defense

“I think our defense is coming along.  If you look at the tape of the other nights game, I could not believe how many shots that they (Washington State) made with us in their face.”


“We were concerned with Appleby coming off of the hand-off because he shoots the ball so quickly that we just had the post man attack him every time.  You can do that if the off-side post man does a good job of absorbing that role.  I thought that Ivan did a really good job anticipating that.”


“The doubles on Brockman and Hawes were such that I do not think that they got a whole lot of easy looks.”


On the psyche of the team

“It is critical to have a game like this.  It is the kind of thing when the talk is about shooting.  You have never heard me say that I was concerned about it because if you get them thinking about it, it is the kind of thing that will have an effect if the players are thinking about it too much.”


“I hope this shakes us out of that bad shooting.  We shot well in both halves.”



Arizona Player Quotes


Freshman Forward Chase Budinger


“We know we’re a good team and can play against all the best teams out there.”


“Our inside players did well, which opens up shots for everybody.”


“(Jordan Hill) gives us more of a big man presence inside and an ability to block shots.”


“We needed this win and need to keep it going up at the Oregon schools.  It’s going to be a tough trip.”


“Coach (Jim) Rosborough talked to me and gave me a pep talk before the game.  He told me to just go out there, relax and have fun.”


Sophomore Forward Marcus Williams


“It felt good to go out there and get a win, but we know we can’t just walk into the Oregon schools and think it’s going to happen for us.  We’re going to need a good combined effort like we had tonight.”


“The biggest way we feel Jordan (Hill’s) presence is on the defensive end.  He disrupts the shooters and lets everyone else play their natural position.”


Junior Forward Bret Brielmaier


“It felt really good to be back with the team, back in the rotation and good to get a win.”


“I just try to be a wrecking ball out there.  I try to get a body on somebody and get things going for our other guys by getting them open.”


“With Jordan back there, I now if I make a mistake on the defensive end he’ll be there.  He’s also a great rebounder.”


























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