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Arizona vs. Arizona State Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 25, 2007
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Arizona vs. Arizona State

February 24, 2007


Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini


On the game:

“I thought it was a great game and well played by both teams. We were well prepared for this game. We played very hard and smart. We missed some free throws and layups in the second half, but overall it was a good game for us.”


“We got better today. We played well, smart. No one is unbeatable. We approached this game as a game to win.”


On 9-17 free throw shooting in the game:

“I felt like it would come down to free throw shooting. At halftime, we were 2-7 and they were 1-4. We needed to do a better job of making our free throws.”


On Malia O’Neal’s missed three pointer with 0:07 remaining:

“Joy (Hollingsworth) was supposed to get the shot. Even though Malia had the ball, she wasn’t necessarily supposed to shoot.”


On switching defense and holding Arizona State to 59 points:

“We mixed up our defenses. Having a week to prepare really helped us. We mixed some man-to-man and a couple different zones.”


On Arizona State:

“They are a good team. They have a lot of weapons. They played (Emily) Westerberg a lot more in the second half. Aubrey Johnson only scored two points in the second half. Our defense did a good job on her.”


On installing a new offense:

“We spread the court more. It is more difficult to defend.”


“I’ve run this offense before. I sort of believe that you can teach and old dog new tricks. We didn’t use this offense before because we wanted to be more of a power team and use our height and strength inside. For me, I want to constantly coach and get better. We did that and our players really built off this.”


On senior guard Joy Hollingsworth:

“Joy had a great game. She played so smart and heady. We put in a new offense for this game. We struggled a bit in the first half with it, but we got some open looks in the second half. I think Joy is getting more comfortable with it.”


“My only disappointment with Joy is that I didn’t get to coach her for four years. She’s a great leader. She is popular with her teammates because she is so fun to be around.”


On senior Linda Pace:

“Linda has been a tremendous leader. When she does something good for her team, her teammates surround her; they love her.”


On guard Ashley Whisonant:

“She plays great defense. She takes it personal. She is a great spark plug for us. We will keep her coming off the bench. She is one of the best on-ball defenders I have ever coached.”


On the improvement of Rhaya and Rheya Neabors:

“They are uncanny knowing each other. They are smart and heady. They are excellent rebounders and defenders. They have great talent and are great kids.”


Arizona Player Quotes


Senior Guard Joy Hollingsworth

“It would have been nice to get a win. We really played our hearts out. I think this was our best game of the year.”


On the difference between this game and the last time the team faced ASU...

“Our fans, we had that sixth man out there on the court for us. They did an awesome job. When we play hard like that we can beat any team in the country. I know Ashley (Whisonant) feels the same way because she’s the one that told me that.”


On the new offense...

“I like it a lot. We get more back cuts and curls off it. It allows for a lot more freelance. Now when coming off screens we have the choice of either curling, cutting backdoor, or fading.”


On wanting the ball with her team down by three with fifteen seconds to go...

“I wasn’t open and Malia (O’Neal) had a great shot. It was on target, but it just came up a little bit short. She’s going to knock those down in the tournament. I have all the confidence in the world in her.”


“This game definitely gives us confidence heading into the tournament. Anything can happen in the Pac-10 Tournament, we’re really looking forward to it.”


Junior Guard Ashley Whisonant

“I like playing with Joy. She really knows how to read a defense and get herself open. She puts herself in the position to be a scorer.”


“This new offense allows for a lot more movement. If you watch some of our previous games we did a lot more standing around. This offense is much harder to guard with all the movement we do off the ball.”


Arizona State Head coach Charli Turner Thorne


On Arizona switching up its offense...

“They always like to run the two-three high set against us.  Pretty much every year they like to bring it out against our pressure.  We expected them to mix it up defensively.  U of A did a great job.  We played how we have practiced this week.  We aren’t going to get very far in March if we don’t start rebounding and playing better offensively.  (The players) did not do the things the coaches asked of them.”


“We’re a pretty talented team and we can score individually in the offense and do enough to win some games.  It might be really good to have a game like this as a wake up call.  We’re going to learn from it and get better.”


On the team’s 26 wins this season...

“Right now I don’t know what it means.  It’s a great team accomplishment but we won’t really reflect on it until everything is done.”


“We didn’t get off ball the movement we normally do.  We were not smart running the offense with four people staring at the ball.  We didn’t run our zone offense.  We wanted to be patient but we weren’t doing that or creating opportunities.”


Arizona State Player Quotes


Senior forward Aubree Johnson


Arizona is a great team. Day in and day out we face great opponents.  We knew they were going to give us their best shot.  We need to figure out some thing this week and put ourselves in the best position to win.”


“I hope the team didn’t go into thinking that we had a better record.  We didn’t have the aggressive mentality about rebounding that we need.”


On what to work on going into the Pac-10 tournament...

“Definitely rebounding and taking care of the ball.  We just had 22 turnovers and our rebounding was terrible.”


Senior forward Emily Westerberg


“They did a great job of forcing turnovers.  They played great today.  They hit their shots and played great basketball.”


“We didn’t do a great job in the zone offense. They did a great job of taking things away.  Our zone offense is normally extremely aggressive and we didn’t do a great job of it today.”


On the difference in her play in the second half...

“I was just doing whatever it takes to win.  Doing whatever my team needed.  I was more aggressive.”


On the team’s 26 wins this season

“It’s amazing.  Being here for four years and seeing it happen was great.  It’s really awesome to be a part of it.”


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