Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Ask Coach B
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 25, 2005
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Question: Based on your season thus far, what are the three most important components of the game you believe your team will need to make it through the Pac-10 tournament and deep into the NCAA tournament?

Coach B: Thank your for your very thoughtful question! The three components our team must have to be successful in the post season are rebounding, offensive execution and health. When our team rebounds well, our transition game is at its best and that is when Arizona basketball is most successful. However, when we are not pushing the ball up the floor, we must be able to set up and execute an offense in a half court set. I feel as if we are improving in these areas each day at practice. As for health, we have been challenged with injuries throughout the course of the season. If we are injury free in the next few weeks, there is no limit to how far this team can push themselves. Thanks for your questions! Go Cats!  


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