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Claire Bodiya NCAA Tournament Diary
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 12, 2004
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Freshman Claire Bodiya shares her experiences on the road with the Wildcats as they prepare for the first round of the NCAA Tournament.


Well, what can I say we’re in the NCAA tourney. What’s better than that? Minus winning the entire thing. However, it has been a very stressful process. We came in Monday afternoon from Oregon and found out we were going to Connecticut Wednesday morning and returning Monday afternoon. I mean it is awesome because we are lucky to be here, but basically if we keep winning I will only be going to a couple of classes. You can imagine how hard it is to keep up on school work.


It’s been a fun experience already and we haven’t even played in our first game yet. All Wednesday we traveled and that was “no bueno” as McCall would say. Luckily, I got to sit next to Mandy my second flight, but after about 30 minutes we were asleep.


When we got in to town we had dinner, which compared to last week in Oregon was AMAZING! It’s nice to get good food on the road because it makes the day so much better. The day finally ended and my wonderful roomie, Nikki, and I fell asleep just long enough to get a good rest before our 9:45 a.m. wakeup call.


Thursday was just as long as Wednesday, but it was much more entertaining. We had a good breakfast, then experienced the freezing cold on our “brisk” walk. After that we had two study seesions, one of which was in the library because we have no other Internet connection. I did get a good 45 minutes rest before taping, that made me feel more awake for our practice, which was freezing ?- even more than that morning. Mandy and I brought our cameras to take pictures of how foolish we look in our layers of clothes and body warmers. What can I say ?- we are natives to the heat. During the two hours my feet were thawing out, I had dinner then spoke with one of the most interesting guy/coach/friend I know, Harold Warren. Then I made my way to bed.


This morning we once again had a 9:45 a.m. wakeup call, then had breakfast and now I’m writing this journal. Our game’s tonight at seven and I couldn’t be more excited, my whole family is coming. I wouldn’t want to let them down, along with my team and coaches. It’s been fun so far, I can’t even imagine the memories and stories I’ll have if we are successful. Wish us luck. The Cats have already made history numerous times, so hopefully we’ll add another to the book. Yeah Cats!!!


















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