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Postgame Quotes - Arizona at Stanford
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 30, 2010
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Jan. 30, 2010

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University of Arizona Women’s Basketball
January 30, 2010
Arizona at Stanford

Arizona Head Coach Niya Butts
Opening statement
“The story in the first has was that we made shots. We made shots and we didn’t do a great job on the boards, but we kind of balanced that out by shooting 57 percent. In the second half, the same kryptonite that’s been plaguing us all year long which is our lack of rebounding and we didn’t score points in the second half, so there wasn’t anything to balance it out. Anytime you get beat on the boards in one column (of the stat sheet) by your entire rebounding effort, that tells the story there. We gave up 26 offensive rebounds to them and we only had 22 total for the game. It’s going to be very difficult to win a basketball game that way.”

On what it will take to beat Stanford
“It’s going to take 40 minutes of solid basketball, it’s going to take some mistakes by Stanford, and it’s going to take a little prayer. They do pretty well offensively. Defensively, they’re not the best team in the country, but they balance it out because they really do a great job on the boards, they’re physical with you and they hustle, so it’s going to take a team that can play a solid 40 minutes of basketball.”

On perceived difference in shot quality from first half to second half
“I think it was our lack of flow. I don’t think we had any flow in the second half offensively, I think in part because we were getting whipped on the boards so much on the defensive end that it was a little deflating to us. As you know, offense comes and goes, but we can never have our defense and our rebounding go. That’s the entire thing that happened in the second half and it’s going to be very difficult to win.”

On defensive strategy
“The strategy was to just have contested shots no matter where they came. If it went inside, we wanted to double it a little bit, but at the same time they shoot the ball so well from the perimeter, it’s kind of pick your poison. It was very important for us to play early defense, meaning not to allow their post players to get set up and get deep position, but at the same time making sure we got a hand to the shooters. I think every time that we really went out there and contested hard, they missed the shot. Our problem was we didn’t get the rebound. We can not continue to do that.”

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